I’m NOT an Emo

Hi! You’re a pure blood emo, I see.

It’s been like years, I suppose, since I read that comment from I can’t remember heck where and whom it was from. I ignored it because it’s the kind to be ignored and thrown out of the window. Yet, for some reason, there has been an evolution with the emo god and emos all around the country are like plagues, you know. Even gays who were usually kikay (feminist – pink, flower and ribbons type) are wearing tight jeans and long bangs and calling themselves “emo” now. I have nothing against emos. At some point, I support them even. Because I know how they feel and such and how society treats them like trash. But you know, it’s not that society treats them like trash, it’s just them thinking that way. And even if society treats them like trash, they care too much of what other people think.

Anyway, going back to my complaint, I will say this once and for all and for the people out there who doesn’t know what their talking about, I AM NOT AN EMO. Got that? I refuse to be coined as someone who has too much of what I lack. And what heck is with this “pure blood” shit? Is there even a pure blood emo in the first place? What do you call the not so pure blood then? Half blood? I am pathetic, I know, but I wont go that far as to kill myself because it’ll make me look even more pathetic when I give up. I do admit that if I would be given a chance, I would’ve gave up my virginity to the devil for a price or better yet, sold my soul to him for tons of money that I would spend over to buy a concert ticket with backstage pass for X Japan’s Reunion Concert in Tokyo Dome this March 28th and 30th, but slicing my wrist for the purpose of “nobody loves me” – that’s bullshit. Why would I scar my smooth skin and waste a drop of my beautiful, warm crimson blood? I would rather drink it. So what the heck am I? I’m a pure blood vampire who hails before sexy bishonen. A lover of the dark who collects anything with the word “dead” in it.

In all honesty, every single time I was called an emo, I felt insulted and at some point, I feel disgusted with people. Just because emos and goths look slightly alike, it doesn’t mean they’re the same. It’s like their saying hawks and eagles are the same. But then, thinking about how the emo invasion has been going around these days, it makes think that people just doesn’t know what their talking about. It’s like all the people who wears black are now emo. But then again, thinking about the fact that we all live in the dark side of the world, and like us, they’re being rejected too, it makes my disgust less and less. But then again, I still refused to be called an emo. Maybe because I just couldn’t let go of that idea that I’m like an aristocrat being mixed with peasants and commoners. In other words, it’s just my goddamn pride that’s running.

But with all these acceptance and such, I am still not in any bit of favor for emo music. I’ve heard songs from classical down to heavy metal but my opinion of them stays the same – they simply suck.

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  1. LoL… hahahaha…. natawa ako dun ahh… sobra… kaya pla ang tagal nawala… un pla ginawa… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. :lmao: I’m pretty serious about this too. I don’t know about other people’s opinion of their music, but I really and honestly think that their music suck.

  3. I don’t know about their music, but the slashing of wrists? Creepy.

    Just a few days ago, I sat beside this emo girl in a jeepney and I noticed the slashed wrist. What in the world goes on in the minds of those kind of people?

    And yeah, I noticed how their population grew during the past year. It’s like a cult or something.

  4. If it’s any consolation, SOME emo musicians/bands produce topnotch songs. Dashboard Confessional is one. And that’s coming from various music critics. Critics such as myself. So I suggest rethinking your dismissal of their entire music industry. As for the whole emo vibe and fashion and shit? I’m not big on it as well.

    Anyhorse, who cares if Euri is part of the emo species… or not? We still love her for who she is anyway. <3

  5. so far, isang beses pa lang naman may nagsabi sa blog kong “emo” daw ako. nagpapatawa yata, kaya tumawa na lang ako. πŸ˜†

    hindi ko nga alam kung may alintuntunin ba ang mga emo na bawal ngumiti, tumawa, o gumamit man lang ng smile emoticon. at wala akong pakielam dun. ang concern ko lang, wag sana silang mag-aksaya at mag-ubos ng kanilang dugo at paagusin sa floor na para bang may inaasahang utusan na tagalinis nun.

    e kung idonate na lang kaya nila yun sa redcross, para magamit naman sa makabuluhang bagay ang kanilang itinuturing na unworthy & pathetic lives. mas ok pa sana.

    kaya sa lahat ng mga compulsive wrist-slashers out there … join na lang kayo as blood donors. malay niyo, maging newsworthy item pa yun at makakuha ng positive attention from the public.

    imadyinin mo ha:

    news headline: “EMOS & RED CROSS, UNITE FOR A GOOD CAUSE” …

    tapos may piktyur pa kayo ng mga barkada mong emo or bidyow habang naka anime peace sign. sa harap yung may pinakamaraming hiwa sa pulso, sa leeg, sa noo, o kung saan pa. suot din ang black tshirts na may redkros na nakasaksak sa heart shape with dripping blood.

    this way, the whole world will soon recognize how cool emos are, and should also be properly thought in schools on how to make clean cuts using blades or even sharp paper edges! πŸ˜€

    “your sorrows can save lives. slash your wrists. donate now.” <3

  6. emo shit == crap
    wrist slashing == crap
    nosy people == must die in hell.(why can’t they mind their own business).

  7. pats back i’ve also been accused of being emo on more than one occasion, and in my blog, too. just because my color theme is black and violet and i post some angst once in a while. it really is rather annoying to be stereotyped with something that has now become a trend. everybody ends up being copycats of each other because it’s “uso” and being dragged along with it can really be insulting.

    i don’t hold anything against emo music. just like with any genre, though, a lot of ’em sound the same that i don’t bother listening to ’em at all.

  8. the goth scene has been with us for such a long time then somewhere along the line, some lame half-assed bloke coined what this pest called emo, marketed it to kids, and went on to be some gay frankensteins monster. Now its creating a form of laughing stock and denial issues to kids who wna be cool and dont really know where to fit in. For all to know, go back to the roots and learn your lessons. That will take the clout out of this thingamazinger…. =)

  9. hahaha! pak that. yung puso mo Euri! lagi ka na lang high blood ha! hehe natatawa tuloy ako sa bago kong gagawing blog! its about emo. pero indi ako emo. mabenta kasi ngayun sya sa mga searches kaya try kong itarget yung mga keywords! inunahan na kita baka sa next time isa na ako sa mga babanatan ng blog post mo ha! hehe wag kang ganong iinom ng kape lalo na sa tanghali. peace out!

  10. @ randell ~
    Emo invasion!

    @ joyfulchicken ~
    Finding EMO? :lmao:

    @ Holy Kamote ~
    Pero maselan ang blood bank sa dugo. Ang dami-dami pang examinations bago ka kunan ng dugo. X-P

    @ passer by ~
    Oh. Easy, easy. Hinay-hinay lang. ^_^

    @ wapbamm ~
    Well, said. I couldn’t have said it better.

  11. I believe we share the same view in that we see goth as aristocratic while emo as, errrm, rather common. I actually feel for the goths for being usually mixed up with the emos. The goth person has this way of being both elegant and sad at the same time, an aura really beautiful. I don’t feel the same for the emo person. He has this too much darkness and self – pity that it already makes him look pathetic.

  12. “Emo” is a lifestyle. And everyone’s joining the bandwagon.

    Try mo pumunta dito ng sa UP next February for the fair. Napakaraming emo or as we call them “JJ” or jumping jologs. But sometimes may nahahalo rin from a different stereotype. xD

  13. @ Najo ~
    No way! I might be shot to death by a bunch of Emo yakusa or something who read my blog by chance. I have yet dreams of going to England and France and live in a castle for even just 3 days.

    @ randell ~
    You work at Net One?

  14. I assume it’s a yes. I work at Net 2 πŸ˜€ I saw you last night around 9pm at today past 10am. That is, if it’s you I saw.

    So… just to be sure, was it you that I saw?

  15. Around 9pm last night and 10am this morning? That’s probably me. ^_^ I work on a flexible schedule so I go home at a random time. But it’s definite that I go to work at around 10am and I’m always running late. Err… Late and running (well, not really, but I’m always late)!! X-P

  16. I’m gonna go off on a tangent here, and say that reminds me, I don’t even know what kind of music you like. Besides X Japan?You like Hyde, and Gackt, right? ._.’

  17. haha i hate emo bcoz most of them are posers and just go w/ the flow coz we all know emo is now a popular genre for kids well emo isn’t even a genre wahaha emo = going to laslas convention where all the emos get their blades and make laslas their wrist wahaha btw nice blog

  18. I believe NOBODY really knows what EMO meant. I don’t even know where it came from. All of a sudden there were people showing up all in black, wearing dark make-ups and calling themselves emo. Just because someone posts his picture showing that he’s killing himself or about to kill himself makes him emo? That’s totally hilarious. I could even make one myself, so by then, could I suddenly declare everyone I’m EMO? One of the factors would definitely be the attitude. Most of them are just posers. Sometimes I dress gothic and out of the blue somebody calls me emo. They don’t know what EMO means at all.

    Ah well… Too much for all of these. Aheee~ I’ll be changing your links once again, okay Euri? XD πŸ˜€

  19. I thought that Emo was a music genre, more like grunge in the 90s. Emo became worst because of people trying to be emo. I even heard in the local TV news that there’s a cult called emo in the Philippines. Whoever made that crap? That news came out when MCR came to play at the fort and there were a lot of stupid orcs dressed in black or something. i was in the MCR concert and there were a lot of teenagers dressed in tights, some even dressed like clowns. Fuck them posers.

    I love bands such as The Used, MCR, Thursday but I don’t consider myself emo because their music isn’t emo. Whoever told these bands are emo are poseurs. Emo is bullshit. It is a term made sour by people trying to kill themselves. It’s just a fuckin fashion statement.

    What am I talking about. Crap.

  20. @ Llyngee ~
    Anybody can call themselves emo if they want to. The thing there is, they should at least research more about it to know what it really is, rather than just plainly following what wikipedia says so. If someone wanted to be a part of a subculture, nobody is prohibiting them to be one. It’s just that being part of a subculture has more to it than just plain attire and makeup.

    @ Dino ~
    As far as I am aware, My Chemical Romance is an alternative band. In the case of The Used, though, there are some people who consider them to fall under “emo” and “screamo” category, or so I read somewhere that they were? O_o But as far as I know, The Used is a alternative rock band with a touch of punk.

    Frankly, I still don’t get what a “screamo” is. And like emo, I hate it too. It may just be me too, since I got so used to speed and power metal, but still, to me, it sounds more like emo + screaming to the point of losing one’s voice + trash music = pointless attempt at yelling and composing songs.

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