Doctors Are Not Gods

I don’t wanna blame the doctors for not being able to see the cause of grandma’s bleeding. Because I know they did everything they could possibly do. And that I know that doctors are not gods that could grant people’s lives and heal them in a blink of an eye. Like us, doctors are humans too, they might be level headed most of the time, but they feel people’s pain too. They know how hard it is for the family, because they themselves have families of their own. It’s just that they chose to be level headed to save lives rather than freaking and just crying in a nook bitching pathetic things and blaming others for their own weakness.

Seriously, if people have the time to cry because they feel pain, why not find ways to go through it? If you don’t wanna risk anything, then you could just rot in there and blame yourself for being pathetic.

I am not strong. I am not emotionless either. It’s just that I chose not to let my emotions affect my judgment. Because when emotions comes in, all logic goes out the window and all you can see is yourself, how you feel, and how deep your pain is. In one word, it’s selfishness.

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  1. you’re right. In my belief, no matter how hard human tries, it’s all depending on God fate. Yet, doctors are same as us, humans. They could only try to save the lifes, not reviving or controlling someone else lifes.
    Whatever happened in this earth, all caused by humans. And the selfishness. That’s all.

  2. I read some of your previous posts (finally) I hope you lola gets better. I know I’ve asked you this before a long long time ago but have you looked into INC? x_o’

    Also, I moved again… sorry for inconvenience. I fail.

  3. I absolutely agree with you. you’ve made some good points here =] kudos.

    I can never understand why I let my emotions blind me and get the best of me. I end up doing shxt which in the long run I question why the hell I felt that was right. Ah, I’ve minced enough words.

    ~take care man!

  4. @ Precious ~
    Yes, dear, I have. My ex was one at that. Although i do agree with about 30% of their believes. 70% remains not. And it’snot just because I was being too stubborn, too. 😉

  5. Unless a person goes through that kind of situation they may not understand your pain. All of us have to go through a kind of situation like this in our lives. It’s upto us to be mentally prepared ahead. You have rightly pointed out doctors are not Gods.

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