Don’t Have a Life

I’m currently listening at Wonderful Tonight by Damage. That song is simply beautiful. It’s old, yes, yet it still takes my breath away no matter how many revivals it gets. …I feel wonderful because I feel the love that’s right in your eyes… <– My favorite part. 😛

Haven’t read my mail. Going to tomorrow! Promise! ^_^

Yes, I admit, I don’t have a life, I made buttons for the group last night and installed a site tracker for this site though I haven’t placed it on all places of the site I wanted it to be yet. I got a random banner rotator around the net and currently editing it to my preference. I know, I edit things too much. I found a Ragnarok Vol 8 at my room this morning. Don’t know who bought it but I had finished reading it though. It kinda irritates me whenever I realize I have to wait for a month for the next volume to be translated in English and when I have it, it just takes me 10 minutes to finished it. This is why I prefer buying a whole set of manga head on instead of buying one after another. And so I’m left without anything to read again. Though I saw Randy (DAMN! We’re classmates! T_T) and he said he has a copy Da Vinci Code and promise me he’ll lend it. (Yeah, yeah, I haven’t read it and I desperately want to! *sparkling eyes*)

Speaking of manga, I saw Kyuuketsuki Miyu mangas at some store when I went home (Manila) lasts few weeks. I wanted to buy a set because I would take me quite long (around a a month or two) to have a free time and go home again. But then, one book cost 550php ($10 assumed) each and I think it’s about 17 volumes. to sum everything up, I would need 9,350php ($170 assumed) just for it. I started to think twice but decided, I want it. When I asked for a whole set, they told me they only have 3 volumes of it. Then I asked them if I could see them and they showed me Volume 1, 2 and 4. The Volume 3 is missing and they said they haven’t had it yet and asked me if I’m still interested, I said, “Never mind.” *sigh* It’s hard for me to refuse that but then, I really don’t like the one selling them. As if she doesn’t want me to buy. XP Well, I could afford it, if I want to. Hmph! She just lost a valuable customer. 😛

My bro’s too much obsessed with Ragnarok and bought a Juno guide, just yesterday. O.o If you plan on buying and still haven’t don’t buy. It’s useless. XP

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