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Ack?! What the heck?! This is one of the reasons why I don’t like making layouts for anyone. *sigh* Oh! How I hate to see my hours of work just got tampered by some tasteless fool who edited it without my concent and what more, with a dusgusting match of colors. I may be color blinded (at least thought of myself) and visually impaired but I still can distiguish proper match of colors and not. Anyway, friend sent me this at my YM just a while ago while I’m offline (or should I say, hiding! :lol:)

if somebody by name adds you. dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on ur bulletin because if somebody on ur list adds them, u get the virus too. Tell everyone on your list not to open anything from angell11, akash_yourfriendand sassybitch. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus.pass this letter to everyone on your buddy list. . Right click on the group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to All.

The message was posted as is. It’s supposed to be for YMs but since I’m not a critic person that anayzes most of those I read, why is there a “bulletin” at the message. Do YMs have bulletins? I wonder… Is this message true or just one of those, “chain messages” the went arround forwarding. I was really expecting something like, I’ll die after 7 days or something. 😆

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