Before anything else, please spread this image as a small tribute to the Tsunami Victims. I got it from my affiliate Disturbed VG’s site. You could direct link it from me if you want to. ^^ Just click the image and grab the link from there. Don’t forget to link back Disturbed VG for it, it’s her’s after all.


So many thoughts wondered through my mind. So many things I want to say yet I can’t find find the right words for them. Perhaps by just typing my thoughts would come out naturaly. But then I can’t have any assurance that it would. Sometimes, my heart craves for someone I could hold on through times on which I nearly fell for the edge. As much as I wanted to reach my hand out in the open for someone to grab it seems no one could find me at me own shadows. Yes, I admit that it is of my own err that I had closed my heart to those who care but then again, it’s better closing it and mend it myself than depending it to other that woudl cause me more pain in the end. Even still, I longed. I desperately longed.

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