Baby Luthien’s Christening!

I was first a fairy godmother of a queen from Game of Thrones (Daenerys). Now, I’m a fairy godmother of another legendary figure, Luthien, from Lord of the Rings.

Baby Luthien was Christened yesterday, in a land far far away. She has the cutest invitation.

And the cutest reception.

I’m probably the lamest fairy godmother she has for I fail at almost everything, but I give her the gift of cuteness (though she’s already cute), and hopefully, patience and tolerance, when she grows up. I hope she didn’t catch my ability of get lost easily.

And I got loots, too, after.

Congratulations to the Ang Couple for this happy day! ?

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  1. Awwwe, I love christenings and parties for babies <3 Everything is always so adorable and the pastel colors just add to the sweetness and innocence of it :3 I don't think you're a fail, so I highly doubt Baby Luthien thinks so, either 🙂 She's so precious!

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