Tales of Xillia & Symphonia

I’ve been spending my lazy weekends playing again. I haven’t been playing in a while. The last game I played was DMC: Devil May Cry that I played a few weeks after it went out on the market, but I never ended up finishing because I got bored with it. Yes, I haven’t been playing anything after that. I did think about playing Final Fantasy XIII after that, but decided against it because my siblings were all playing it and they have this huge tendency to spoil the story. XD


Well, anyway, my older brother got me Tales of Xillia first. (I’m still waiting for him to get me the part 2. Heh.) I finished it within a week, and played it again for the other side quests I failed to take and other stuff that I wanted to actually collect. I got tired collecting after I ended up acquiring all the Devils Arms and finishing Magnus Zero, and collecting most of Aifread’s Junks Treasures. This game has too many side quests that made the real story a bit meh. Magnus Zero was also a bit anti-climatic. Or perhaps only at least, in my opinion. However, I love the game play, especially the different combos. And Gaius is so damn cool I wish he were the main character or at least a controllable character! XD


And recently, my brother got me Tales of Symphonia (also the part 2), which I am playing right now. (I actually love the Tales Series and finishing all of them is a part of my lifetime goals. Like, seriously.) I like the story line better than Tales of Xillia. The game play is the same as the other Tales Series, but I like Tales of Xillia’s combos better. Currently, I’m at the second disc. I’m not really sure how far I am from the ending, but I’m planning on playing all day on the weekends to be able to finish it so that I can start the second part soon. 😛

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  1. I’ve never actually played DMC before, what kind of game is it like? Is it like a Final Fantasy-based game? I’ve heard of Tales of Symphonia, though, my brother used to play that a lot when we all lived together years ago :3

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