Dekaron Close Beta

MMORPG lovers! Come here, come here! Look!


Yup, yup! *nods* *nods* DEKARON SEA!! There’s a Close Beta Registration going on at Mobius Games right now~<3

I’m not a hardcore online gamer. I just wanna share this fact to everyone while sugar-coating my real nature that I simply can’t resist a game with good graphic features and game play and that goes without saying – sexy MMORPG characters ftw! (I’ll beat you before you ask me: err, I’m a girl. I just love sexy things. XD)

But worry not, Dante! No matter how many cool MMORPG that comes in, you’re still my number 1 hero and I’ll always be a console gamer for you~<3

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  1. Make a Bagi character Euri-chan!

    Suits your destructive personality!
    pwns everyone all day! nyahahhaha!

  2. But Segnale looks more like my type~ Non-human, definitely SEXY! I’ll make a guy and probably beat everyone up in naming it GACKT! <33

  3. Nelson,
    I removed them. They started to irritate me. XD

    Of course! Who would leave such a cool guy like Dante behind?

  4. ASTEEG ng poster. XD Not a big gamer at all, and games online aren’t exactly my thing, but this just looks hott~ XD

  5. hey euri! how’ve you been? (stupid question…reading blog LOL XD) i said this before but i’ll say it once more..: You’re doing an awesome job with the blog crew, im so happy i didnt just kill it and passed it onto you instead o

    hmmm!! seems interesting! XD im not a hardcore gamer either lol i will look into it ^_^ because..i am a girl too and i also like very sexay things ;D

  6. hmmm, u lyk dante pala… i heard a “devil may cry” movie is on the way… but thats just a rumor… can’t wait for the new wolverine origins movie though… wft am i saying… musta na euri!!!!??

  7. Hi! Passing by.. XD I am looking forward to that game, too.. because the characters are really sexxxxy. XD I’d probably make a Magician or a Summoner. LOL. But a Segnale is kewl, too! XD

  8. Pro Deakron Player here^_^
    I’m a Bagi in US server!!! lots know me!
    Im not the best Bagi but Im on the League!!!
    hehe greetz to all old peeps here!

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