OH MY GACKT. Look at how beautiful this crown is:


I’m drooling over this beautiful Gothic Lolita crown piece called DOREIKUROZUREZAKURAUN [O-34] from SUPPURATE SYSTEM. Aside from the fact that it’s a thorny crown that made me love it, what made me want it so much is that thing inside it. If you haven’t notice, there’s this huge detailedly-made black rose inside the crown. This piece is a 14×15 cm crown made out of genuine leather, plastic and nickel. But it cost 8,660? (tax included). Yesh! It’s painfully pricey for some poor girl like me. T^T

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  1. :O, thats horrible (looks like some sado-sicko thing , no offense :p). You should be getting this instead and post your picture, you know :o, like… NOW 😛

  2. .>; selo just shut up for once… XD anyways~ omg omg omg~ it looks so pretty~ i like the skull wearing it too if that’s included~ XD hahahah… though I didn’t noticed the rose until i went to that site~ but… <3 pretty~! <3 if i was gonna get one though, i want a real thorny one.. o_O with wires~ <333 and real black rose~ <33 even blue rose will do~ kyaaahhh~

  3. Selo,
    If you’re going to send me perverted images, I’d rather you send me images of bishonen (with special fanservice please~ <3) And if you just can’t help yourself in sending me shoujo images, I prefer them with big boobs and in two piece bikini than a school swimsuit. XD

    Oh, and one more thing… Selo, we all know you like men. Why are you covering it up with this? It doesn’t prove a bit of manliness. =P

  4. I like women :O, I like you, euri!! unless you’re a man, then no :p

    And I wasnt sending that image for you to look at the lady, i was sending it so you buy that swimsuit and take a picture wearing it 😮

  5. Wow… their pieces look… excessive. Impeccable craftsmanship, though, I suppose.

    But let’s speak of practicality. What would you do with such a crown?

  6. Sese,
    If she agreed to commission it, I would want one too~ If you could, you know where to contact me, sis~

    I keep them and wear them on special occasions (such as photo shoots). 😀

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