The Legend

thelegend.jpg Last Friday night, I just finished watching 太王四神記 (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) or better known as The Legend, which roughly translates to “The First King’s Four God Seals” (as far as I remember my Chinese correctly). It’s English title is The Legend. It’s a Korean TV series that was aired sometime in September last year, I think? I also saw this one on a Chinese channel before too and my dad was watching it and he even said it’s good.

Anyway, I’ve been watching it for two weeks after I saw the DVD at home three weeks ago and it ignited my interest. I’m a sucker for these type of mythical stories that involve wars and such with the martial arts and everything, so I took the bait of watching it. And my verdict? It’s just plain crap.

Taking out the fact of the beautiful graphics, and that Lee Ji Ah in that series is so freaking cute that makes me want to hug her, and of course, Lee Philip is extra hottie for that long hair and that silent yet I-rock-at-fighting type attitude (especially on horseback) that would make you drool over and want to strip him naked and tie him up a pole or something, but in general, taking note of the story line and all, it’s just as plain as a movie who doesn’t have much of a plot. When it came to a few episodes before ending, the plot was rising and I went like, “Here it is, here it is! The climax that I’ve been waiting!” and after that, I fell down the bed where I was sitting. It’s as if they drag out the plot from the story line to portray a feeling of pity to the character, but it was in futile attempt and it seemed pathetic. I’ve seen tons of mythical war stories and among them this is the crappiest by far. I even prefer HanaKimi (oh, I love that manga, especially Umeda Hokuto) the Taiwan version more, though it’s also crappy and OA at some point, over this series. And the ending is so freaking plain that being reminded of it, just makes me wanna cry in despair that I even spent my precious freaking sleepless hours just to watch it!

That said, I’m regretfully screaming, give me back my time, damn it!

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  1. Okay so I’m not watching this after that review lol

    Have you seen the Japanese HanaKimi drama? My friend just told me bout it a few days ago (I’m late I know)..I’m watching that even if it ended up sucking ass cause it has Oguri Syun XD

    Ann’s last blog post..<a href=’'” rel=”nofollow”>(almost) Weekend Update

  2. Hehe. Hana Kimi… uhmm.. I heard the Japanese one’s better than the Taiwanese version. XD I’m not actually sure about this, since I never saw that Japanese version. However, since I’m more of a person that reads, I prefer the manga! Ang Hokuto there is the best! XD

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