Son Goku

Son Goku (Dragon Ball: Evolution)

This is an action figure of Son Goku from Dragon Ball: Evolution. To be honest, Dragon Ball: Evolution has the UGLIEST character representation of Dragon Ball, and this action figure, therefore, makes it the UGLIEST of all action figures of Dragon Ball I’ve seen so far. And the painful part there is that it’s made by Bandai too. We used have an entire collection of Dragon Ball actions figures from Son Goku down to the weakest character Chiaotzu of which were all made from Bandai too. But this, is totally depressing. Thank you very much, Bandai, for ruining my night.

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  1. Aww damn! Doesn’t even look like Goku at all! And the movie? Looks like Mortal Kombat to me, lol. You wont get the Dragon Ball spirit we all know.

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