Ghost In the Shell: Arise

If there’s one animgits_arisee series I’ve been so crazy about since my childhood, it would be Ghost In the Shell. It was the first anime I’ve ever watched, and I will continue to be crazy about it until I get granny old. So when I heard that there’s a new GITS series, I couldn’t contain my excitement to get my hands on the copy. When I finally got a copy of Ghost In the Shell: Arise, as usual, I patiently waited for everyone at home to be asleep before watching.

Ghost In the Shell: Arise will be a 4-part series of OVA. As of this typing,  I’ve only seen the first of the quadrilogy, called “Ghost Pain.” The time frame of Ghost Pain happened before Kusanagi Motoko was recruited into Public Security Section 9. Being her usual self as a super hacker, Kusanagi got herself voluntarily involved in a case regarding her ex-superior. I think she was trying to prove his innocence. Along the way, she ended up getting hired by Aramaki as a hacker. Batou and Togusa were also into different cases with their own and somehow ended up arriving with the same conclusion that their cases were somehow related.

I think Kusanagi was way hotter in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex but let’s leave it at that. You would find a younger Kusanagi who is less experienced and less mature as the other series. A little too hot headed too, in my opinion, but I kinda like this side of Kusanagi. I can’t wait to watch the remaining 3 other more OVA! 😀

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  1. AHHHHH! OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE GHOST IN THE SHELL FRANCHISE SPECIFICALLY THE MOVIES AND SAC! Yes! I am so glad you reported on this 😀 I can’t wait. when does it come out? By the way thanks for leaving the comment <3 and glad you liked the gift :3

  2. I can’t get into that anime… weird I know but yea.

    Also thanks for dropping by. XD I hope you didn’t drop anything when you did. lol

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