The Hottest Dhampir Is Back!

Hai! Hai! Hai! The sexiest, most alluring, not to mention, deadliest dhampir is back on track! Step aside ugly spawns of darkness! The super handsome, son of Dracula (no pun intended), Alucard is back to kick your asses! *ahem*.

Here’s an eye candy for you (love me later for doing a good job editing a screen shot from the trailer):

At the Tokyo Game Show 2008 last October 9th, Konami made an official press announcement with an ass kicking trailer, that there would be a new Castlevania coming out for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. *super ultra mega grin* I’m crossing my fingers that this would be one heck of a game this time. Since I was terribly disappointed with the last Castlevania I played which was Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for PSP, I’m hungry for a good one this time around. Ooh! That game – the game play suck so much that simply being reminded of it pisses me off! I really wasted my time trying to play it for a few hours. No, I’m not having a tantrum over buying the game because it was not me who bought it. 😛

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  1. Hmmm… which release was the one with the female protagonist again? I remember reading a gaming magazine article about it. I think I read about this one in the same issue.

    It’s a little sad how everything’s migrating to the PS3 when it’s so horribly overpriced. T__T

  2. Sure the systems keep getting better and better and so do the games but I think the whole reason for the new systems to begin with is so that you will buy the new better games too. But hey, that’s just my opinion. I usually wait a year or two and then the prices come down because they have a new ‘latest and greatest’ by then.

  3. KeeKee,
    That’s true, we (me and my brothers) were waiting for PS3’s price to come down a bit, but for some reason, it doesn’t come down! If worst comes to worst, we might buy it at that price again like we did with PS11 and PS22.T^T

    1. Actually, we begged our mom to buy it because were too young back then to afford it. 😛
    2. I bought it on my own! After YEARS of saving! Hah! For the things we love, we’ll do anything!
  4. lol same but it could have been worse they could have brought it out on xbox360. I want a ps3 to but it costs so much specially since I want the 80gb one which can play ps2 games too 😀
    I thought you would have liked dante more Euri

  5. I like Dante the best, Kat, but I like Alucard too. Vampires are SO HOT! But Demons are hotter. Heh.=P I like genetically modified humans too like Genesis and Sephiroth. =P

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