I was thinking of moving all my site files to a CDN for a while now and was researching a bit. The best ones I’ve tried were DropboxGoogle App Engine and Google Drive. So I’ve been playing around them lately, on the rare occasions that I get free time.

I noticed that Dropbox has smaller limit compared to GAE and GD for bandwidth so I dropped it. Besides, I’m already using my Dropbox for personal files and I’m almost at my space limit too.

So between GAE and GD, I’m opting to use GD instead because:

  1. Configuring is easier using GD. You needed to have at least basic background in Python to actually make something work in GAE. Although I’ve managed to make it work somehow, comes reason #2.
  2. GD is more accessible. You can simply use the browser to access, upload, etc. your files. Heck, you can even use an image editor directly from GD.
  3. There are practically no file limit for GD (actually, there’s a 1 TB limit but a CSS or Js file that’s 1 TB large is insane) while GAE has a 1 MB limit per file.
  4. There’s a bandwidth limit of 1 Gb incoming and  1Gb outgoing that refreshes everyday for GAE, but GD is pretty much unlimited as long as it doesn’t reach too much, like millions.
So. GD is the clear choice. It’s actually very easy to move my files, it just takes a lot of time because you might not notice, but my site is really huge. And my collections of random things is also huge. XD

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  1. I’ve noticed Dropbox has a smaller storage system than others, and I’ve noticed that’s what people complain about when they need to upload and share their files on Dropbox. I’d go with Google Drive, too! I know a lot of others who totally dig it <3

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