The Sims 3 Supernatural

I’ve always been a The Sims fan ever since it first came out, 12 years ago. Back then, I was still in high school, and the Internet isn’t as widely used as it is today where kids will die of suffocation without a day of logging in to their Facebook accounts. I’ve always spent my days playing The Sims and even went so far as not sleeping for a several nights just to get my character’s new mansion done.

Recently, I received news that The Sims 3 will be releasing a new expansion with magic stuff, occult and such! It’s so right up my alley! I’ve been wanting an expansion like the old The Sims: Makin’ Magic that I never really got in The Sims 2.

Anyway, here are the new features coming in The Sims 3 Supernatural that I’m so excited of having!

We can now create new occult beings in CAS, such as Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Genies and Fairies. There are also new build and buy objects on which, I am so very glad to know that they have Gothic theme ones, now, and other magic related stuff like Spellbook, Magic Cauldron, Magic Wands, Crystal Balls, etc.

One thing that I’m looking forward to very much is the Lunar Cycle on which depicts when your occult creatures will be powerful the most, and the Alchemy skill on which I can make different types of potions. Oh and there’s also broom riding, for the witches and normal sims!

Screenshots stolen from The Sims 3 Supernatural Official:

Full list of features can be found here.

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  1. i thought the expansion was enjoyable but far from the best one.. if you like “creepy” stuff (read: game is nowhere near creepy), get it, if not, definitely a skip.

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