Holy Friday

It’s Holy Friday and just like the past years, Jesus Christ was supposed to die today and resurrect 2 days after. Sometimes it makes me wonder if he ever gets tired being beaten up to the point that he could not walk anymore, where his blood are all over as he seemed like crawling on to the floor, and after being treated mercilessly, he’ll still be crucified each and every single year like this, by the people. I know it’s only some sort of a remembrance thing or whatever you call it, but isn’t it just cruel? If he would live like in the ancient Greek myths, this is like he’s being thrown down to Tartarus to suffer eternally. It’s just like another Prometheus who was chained in Mount Caucasus where his liver is being eaten by a vulture with each passing day as it regenerates only to be eaten again.

Anyway, did you know that here in Pampanga, people are very religious? The first time I came here, it felt like I’m some demon from hell with all the staring and people asking me, “Are you a Satanist?” Then, when I was enrolled in a Catholic university, it’s where I learned of all the things religious people do such as prayers, mass, rosary and stuff. They preserve religious traditions that you’ll rarely see these days too, like religious parades. And since holy week is a religious thing, during holy week, you’ll see tons of people here walking down the side of the roads beating themselves up to the point of them bathing in their own blood. Of course, taking aside the fact that I love the bloody scene of it, what I love most is that at around 5 pm or so of holy Friday (which is today), all of the people go to this certain place (usually a vacant lot) where it’s decorated with leaves and everything just to have themselves crucified. But the thing is, I wasn’t able to see them this year. T^T It’s because its too hot to leave the house. I don’t want to be burned alive just for the sake of watching someone being crucified. It’s just too much and the person being crucified is not so important anyway.

If it were Yoshiki being chained all over or Gackt and Miyavi doing S+M, I’m definitely watching despite it being hot and all. I’ll bring tons of tissue paper too for my nose bleeds. XD

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  1. @joyfulchicken – Knowing religious zealots, she’d probably get stoned to death if she showed up with that kind of outfit. So not a good idea. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyhorsey… wow, so you’ve been “attending” that hyped-up event every year? Except now, of course. Y’know, I haven’t really been to an in-the-flesh crucifixion before, so I can only imagine your it’s-just-too-much feeling. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Talamasca’s last blog post..Hernia Schernia

  2. I’ve been at Pampanga for a handful of times, actually. All those self-agonizing whipping and nailing oneself to a wooden cross… Pretty surreal, I say. I also love the sight of blood dripping, though.

    That’s their culture, I must say, but I don’t want to follow their footsteps. Lol.

    Dan Hellbound’s last blog post..<a href=’http://danhellbound.net/2008/03/21/300-pm/'” rel=”nofollow”>40 Minutes After Christ Died.

  3. Hummm, in fact the Christ (whoever he might have been) didn’t died this days. Church “arranged” dates to fit pagan festivals of Spring. Just like Church set the Christmas the 24 to take over Saturnales pagan celebrations.
    What all this good Christians around ignore is that when they celebrate “Easter” they celebrate in fact numerous other divinities much older than Christ or the Jewish unique God… Amongst them you can mention the Babylonian Goddess “Ishtar” (sounds like Easter isn’t it !) – 2000 years older than Christianity.
    Anyways I found you’re parallel with Prometheus very interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ yet Prometheus in Greek mythology brings Fire (stolen to Zeus) to mortals, in a symbolic approach Fire (which gives light) can be easily related to the Light (enlightment / knowledge). In this Prometheus does exactly what Lucifer (Lucifer means “bringer of light”) giving the fruit of knowledge to Adam & Eve (interesting to observe this same “sinful” apple fruit is from an Apple tree – the sacred tree of druids, how convenient for the Church trying to eradicate Celtic culture and pagan beliefs…).

    This people threatening you and accusing you of Satanism (when they probably have no even clue about what is Sheitan at the origin) are just a bunch of brainless ignorants following the herd… But after all isn’t it exactly what “God” wanted when he states “You’ll be lambs amongst wolves” ?

    Very well, then please enjoy yourselves lambs !! We, the wolves, we’ll enjoy the pathetic demonstration of your shameful obedience to a vast manipulation…

    But just like you said dearest Sister Euri, from the friendly fresh shadows of our homes, it’s even much better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. He~ ♥ Pretty well said, my lord.

    Christianity, as a religion, as it is now, is never a true religion with genuine roots. And even if it had altered in so many ways now, it’s still the same as it was a thousand years ago – unoriginal.

    Church “arranged” dates to fit pagan festivals of Spring.

    Didn’t they also made God’s image (one in churches) to look similar to Zeus at some point? (Click here for an example of an image. And please search Google Images and use the keyword “God” for more reference images.) Which is why some branch of Christianity refuse to have images of God is because of that being pointed out often. And also, the concept of Heaven and Hell wasn’t it much like the concept of Elysian Fields and Tartarus – but in an altered version of course.

    What people see are those fruits that are being fed to them, effortlessly. They don’t even care to see that tree that produce them, if it was really a fruit tree or not. When they question their origins, as long as they see that it’s a tree and that the tree’s branches are strong, they cling to it like lost homeless animals and accept it as it is. But only if they dug it down to it’s very roots, they will see that that mango fruit that seemed like an apple that they’re eating was in reality from a mango tree, cross bread (There’s an actual fruit called “apple mango” which is cross bread between and apple and a mango. It’s still a mango though, it’s just round and they’re good!).

    For a fact, an injection of a new religion and/or belief to a civilization whose already run by an existing institution won’t ever be successful unless they change it to fit the old one and slowly manipulate people’s mind that these are the same religion with a few improvements. If they don’t do this, no one would embrace it, no matter how many miracles floods their eyes, because they will just associate the miracles with their existing deities. It’s much the same with how business works today, does it not? Business institutions lie to people that they’ve added this and that to their product, but in reality, it’s just the same. This is so that people would buy their so-called “new product” and test it. That’s called brainwashing too, in a clever way. ๐Ÿ˜›

    At another side of thought, in the case of Lucifer and Satan, there was never an actual phrase in the Bible that states, that Lucifer and Satan are one and the same, being said so claims that “Satan” is a term used to depict that something is against something or it is an adversary or some sort, of which in this case, is an adversary of men and not of God in itself.

    But after all isn’t it exactly what “God” wanted when he states “You’ll be lambs amongst wolves” ?

    Ahaha! Yes, my lord, we were given this thing called freedom, yet, we are still chained to the Church. It’s either we broke out of the chains loosing one of our legs and cry out of pain or stay chained until the end of the world like a good bunch of boys and girls.

    It makes me wonder, how much will I be damned more than I already am?

    Euri’s last blog post..Twenty-fourth Prayer.

  5. I actually know all of the religious tidbits (cause I had a Rome phase and I was always interested in history: mythology, ancient civilizations and religions) and I am kinda struggling with the last taboo (sshhh!) so I find myself all but rejected by the Church…but still I want long to belong to it.

    Maybe it’s because religion has always been a part of my life or maybe it’s because I do believe in God, and I need the Church for the physical actualization of my faith. I may not be making sense. lol.

    Anyway, it is so damn hot right now. wtf ๐Ÿ˜†

    Ann’s last blog post..<a href=’http://bituwinfish.com/life/almost-weekend-update/'” rel=”nofollow”>(almost) Weekend Update

  6. Maybe it’s because you’ve been raised a Christian too. Since you were born and raised in the Philippines, which is a country rich in religion, it’s not so much of a surprise. ^__^;

  7. LOL @ the nose bleeds thing.

    Religion is an interesting thing. I tend to be a lot more spiritual than religious. It just works out better, IMO.

    Shannon’s last blog post..<a href=’http://untilmidnight.net/2008/03/17/rollercoaster-ride/'” rel=”nofollow”>Rollercoaster ride.

  8. Following your answer:0
    Wow…. Speechless each time I read it X-P
    Again, this is brilliant ! Ok so, this is the point where I might just hopelessly fall in love with you Milady… ๐Ÿ˜ณ So I’ll go for a cold shower again ๐Ÿ˜›
    Talk later ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Dog is God . God is Dog.
    btw Are you a Satanist? lol ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

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  10. I’ll bring tons of tissue paper too for my nose bleeds.

    Lol. Why is that?

    I’ve never seen someone being crucified. And I think I don’t want to.

  11. @ Finch ~
    Tsk, tsk. Do you wanna get burned? That’s bad. And people might actually rage me here, too. Take it easy on my blog. (although I should tell myself that too) Haha!

    @ Nelson ~
    Because if Gackt and Miyavi does S+M, I’m definitely gonna have a nose bleed! I might even be brought to the hospital of too much blood lost. :lmao:

    Okay everybody! Let’s head over to our beloved The Sanctuary~! ?

  12. “Gackt and Miyavi does S+M, I’m definitely gonna have a nose bleed! I might even be brought to the hospital of too much blood lost.”

    Mmmh, I see you’re going to Hell no doubt… :lmao:

  13. Different interpretation of the word of God noh? SOme people probably take things…very literally. Although I am in a Catholic institution, I like their approach on religion. It wouldn’t make you despise religion. =). Not the typical you know. Hehe

  14. LOL! Funny thing is that the scripture does say that Jesus is crucified again when one of His people go back into sin. He is sure willing to suffer alot for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

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