Valentines 2009

It’s Singles Awareness Day once again. Here’s my gift for all of you this year, loves. As usual, please feel free to click and take.


Hohohoho! For all you smut fans out there, that couple is definitely familiar to you, no? Yes, yes! They’re Yato and Hisako from Ohmi Tomu‘s Kindan no Koi series namely, Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou, Zoku – Ki ndan no Koi wo Shiyou and Kindan no Koi de Ikou. Kindan no Koi is one of my favorite series from Ohmi Tomu. But as of current status, Midnight Secretary, from the same author, falls first. I’m a huge Ohmi Tomu fan, and much more, a huge shoujo smut fan. And while I’m at this, please join Ohmi Tomu’s fanlisting!

Oh and special plugs to Dos, who’s birthday ended a few hours ago, a belated happy happy birthday! And to the original Valentino, Kuya Jimmy, who’s birthday is today, happy birthday!

And to the world, I’m sleepy, it’s past two in the morning, I’m going back to my coffin, good day eveyrone!

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  1. Still I remember those days when we were in High School and was waiting for whole year for this day. Because I know someone will propose us and we will enjoy the time with them …

    Now whole those things are sounding bit silly … but still that one is in my mind 🙂

  2. Midnight Secretary’s art looks surprisingly similar to Angel Sanctuary. Looks very interesting though. Might give it a try. :]

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