Last night, we, the entire R&D staff, went to Pub, a bar and music lounge, to have a good time. I ate a lot, drank (ice tea!) a lot as I watch them sing and dance and get wackier by every minute. The girl from the acoustic duo has a great voice. And her brother too. Although, he sings in the background, he really has a good voice. Such musical talents, it makes me envious that I can’t even play any instrument.

Anyway, here are two of the pictures from the event and more at my gallery, of course, if you are interested. Click, of course, to view a larger shot. You can’t possibly see anything from that small a size, can you?

pub_07mar08.gif pub_07mar08_2.gif

The ever so lame, low quality, dark, inartistic, first photo was taken by me using a lowlife’s humble cellphone. While the high quality shot was taken by Sir Glenn using his ever so useful digicam.

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  1. kahit yung mga tira-tira niyong pagkain… kahit buto na lang ang natira… kahit yelo na lang ng tubig niyo… cge ayos lang… basta makuhaan ko lang kayo, ikaw, ako, sila, tayo.

  2. para sa akin mas maganda yung 1st pic..yung parang 1 tone lang..parang classic pic.. na edit pa yun?

  3. Trelumas,
    Desperado ba? ^^;

    Salamat, dude. ako kumuha nun. Kung hindi mo naitatanong, autistic, este, artistic din ako paminsan-minsan. ^_^

  4. gumaganda si Euri ha! 😆 (no kidding!) good for you that you got some R & R! Looks like your the youngest on the team. hehehe.. SMILE naman!! 😀 😆

  5. cge na… parang awa mo na…

    meron kaming shop dati na nagprprint ng mga photos kaya sanay ako sa photography at printing… ang paghalo ng mga kulay…

  6. ahahaha
    pero lam mo bang mas payat pa ako xo
    magsing-height lang din ata tayo

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