Beyond Eternal was suspended yesterday. Yes, the entire domain. According to my host, Beyond Eternal was reported by someone from UK to be distributing illegal anime related contents. I just wanted you people to know the reason why it was suspended yesterday, so you would stop asking me the same question. I had no problems with my hostees since aside from Trelumas, the rest of my hostees are family members, therefore, they were informed earlier of what has happened.

Now, to defend myself from the issue, I would like to tell you people that I do not distribute illegal anime related materials in this site. As far as I am concerned, I never did and never will put up any illegal materials to any of my sites. I’ve been running this freaking site for more than 3 years now with the same old contents (kind of a boring site, huh?) but this is the first time that I was reported for illegal contents. Geez, what’s the point of writing long and troublesome disclaimers and people just don’t read them?

So guys, seriously, before you go on reporting sites, read the freaking site’s disclaimer first and foremost and do some research if it was indeed an illegal content because it is definitely a pain the in ass. If you do not know how to read, go back to grade 1 and learn how to!

Now, the next thing I am expecting is that I’m being suspended again for using foul language and explicit content.

I’ve told you this already for the nth time, patience is not my virtue. And so I have not the patience to deal with trivial matters. I have greater problems of my own. By this, as punishment, every single KH scanlations will be put down. If you guys came here for leeching, blame the one who reported this site.

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  1. Arg, was that the reason why your site was down? That is really unfair…people shouldn’t be reporting sites when they haven’t even taken the time to browse around the site to check and make sure. T_T I’m sorry that you had to deal with such stupidity. -sighs- Hope that something like this never happens again!

  2. What? Your site was suspended yesterday? Urgh. People are just so lazy to read. If people were not that lazy to read, I’m sure they would not look stupid!

    Well, at least, your site is back!

  3. i dont think so you will be suspended for using a fould language. The name according to the datacenter that reported your anime is “Mark Roberts”

    That’s why I am giving you a free space on my download server where you can host all your animes/mangas. If you need more space, just contact me. Please note that I don’t give this to all people – only those I deemed trustworthy enough and that its necessary to give them a space in my download server.


  4. *wtf* That person really sucks! and lazy to read.. Damn this is the internet, almost nothing in the internet world is “LEGALl” now. geeezz.. (example: Limewire, torrents, e.i. PORN!!, mp3)

    And the webmistress would not such a thing, and I agree, do some research first about the site before you report.

  5. maybe you should put something like “if this website or any posted article(s) or words herein are found to be violating copyright, trademark or related intellectual property, please request the owner to remove the posted material or work which may seem to be offending or illegal.” Mahirap tlga ung inde nababasa ung mga disclaimer pero it’s not your fault, your side should be heard by the other party as well. Ang galing ng blog mo buhay na buhay at kumusta sa mga followers mo hehe… madami ka plang fans ^_^

  6. euri, pano yan… tarantado yung site ko… punyemas… puro mura… tangina naman… haaay… pde pa ba yun?

    sabihan mo na lang ako ng gago kung tanga ako

  7. :aww: Euri-chan! punta ka na lang sa host ko ^^ Much better! Been there for over 3 years and less problem than your host ^^;; also they will hear your side even if someone reported you ^^; They’re more considerate than your host i guess =P anyways… point me to that guy who reported you, ill beat the crap outta him XD

  8. Well sorry to hear that Euri :X well then I guess you’ll have to wait until it’s up again >>.>

    hope your site is up again soon

  9. @ madshock ~
    That’s what you call a disclaimer. I already have that. I even wrote a long one. Followers? Ano ‘ko? Head ng isang religious group? 😆

    @ mickl3 ~
    It’s already up. 😆

    @ Precious ~
    I was. Someone by the name of “Mark Roberts” or something.

  10. eherm at Kiatsu

    I’m hosting Euri. If you think your host is better than me it’s fine by me but just to let you know that i am not the inconsiderate host as you think and i even talk to my datacenter but they strict with some illegal stuff and all because they don’t want to pay the penalty and some legal fees, so there. And also to let you know that I gave Euri a free space on my download server just to solve this issue. So I hope am not the inconsiderate host that you think. Thank you for hearing my side.

  11. Ew that sucks. The person didn’t even have the intention to read your disclaimer. Anyway, I’m here to tell yas; read my blog. There’s news. (:
    I still hate that freakin’ person though. 😡

  12. 😮 Sorry about what happened. But your site’s back up now, and I do hope you’ve been cleared of this accusation. Tsk tsk

  13. gnun pala ang nangyare hay nko may mga taong nakakainis cguru insecure or watever..pero at least ok na sia at hnd naman un 22o sooo aun happy na yey!

  14. Your host should have asked you to explain your side first before suspending you. But they need to be understood for doing it too. Is your datacenter located in the US? Kasi kung oo, talagang matatakot sila when they get complaints on copyrighted materials. There’s Digital Millenium Copyright act. They’ll also be facing a lawsuit kung nagkataon totoo yun. Mali nila is suspending your site without hearing your end first. But then, it’s knee-jerk reaction to the threat of a lawsuit.

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