Stolen Bag

Dear all:

For the time being, at least give me 2-3 days, do not text me, do not call me or whatever. My limited edition, red, Esprit body bag was stolen and in it are my newly given K800i cellphone, leather wallet, IDs, ATMs, discount cards, and cold cash. To think that I just withdrew money to shop. Damn it. It was stolen at some fucking mall while I’m enjoying a bite of Garlic Sticks at Greenwich. It was just right beside me 5 minutes before I realized it was stolen. I totally blocked out and almost collapsed. I am sick, for goodness’ sake and this happened. Talk about how inconsiderate my luck level is.


Warning: What follows would contain something brutal, because I am. If you care about life so much, please don’t read it.

And to the one who stole my bag,

Damn you for not answering my calls and messages after I tried to bribe you with however much money you wanted. I don’t care how much money you needed anymore. I hope you’ll be run over by a truck tonight. I really mean it. I know it’s not a Christian thing to wish, but I’m not a Christian so poor you. I even thought of scaring you by sending you prayers from the Satanic perspective, but I am being considerate that you might die from heart attack with your body filled with cold sweat. I still prefer you die by being run over by a truck. I hope to hear the news of your blood spurting the grey, dull roads and internal organs scattering all over under your face that’s almost unrecognizable from being deformed. I hope to hear endless gossips of you from people who doesn’t have a life that can only stare at you full of pity because “it’s such a waste of life”.

No, I am not demon, I just find myself fascinated with gruesome things such as these and if I really am a demon, the minute you took my bag, you already died. Really.

PS: If you can’t be run over by a truck, a car is good too.

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  1. What?!?! I’m sorry to hear this news. It’s the last thing that you want to happen before you shop. I advice that you put your important (and valuable) things in your pockets, wag sa bag. Mas delikado kasi kapag sa bag.

  2. mas delikado pag bulsa pare… bag ko maliit.. sing liit ko.. lakalagay lang sa harap ko..hindi sa side, hindi sa likod… iisa lang kame…lagi nakatali bag ko sa akin…

    Euri, nakikiramay ako sa dinadanas mo ngayon

  3. *wtf* yeah hope “HE” will get by a truck or a car. or better yet by both! (Truck, car, van, bus) Fuck that stupid asshole at stole your bag! Hope your death wish to “HIM” will come true!! hehehe..

    Sorry for what happened Euri, sana ma-KARMA cya!

  4. HaHa…. you should’ve elaborated it like with a 10-wheeler truck. Then, he’d have his body torn in different places… that it’d no longer be recognizable… and the next thing y’know, the head’s missin. :lmao: so cruel…

    Aww… so sorry to hear that… but I advise that you don’t indulge in this death sentece thing though. For all we know, you’re taking time being angry about it while that person’s having the time of his life with what he just stole. *wtf* Ooh, that didn’t come out as good as I meant it but I hope you get the point 😀

  5. I did care about her for a time. I was even willing to give her all my money. As in, all. Just so she give my things back.

    But then again, even though she’s having the hardest time of her life, there are a lot of ways to get money not just by stealing other people’s stuff. I worked my ass of to buy those things I wanted. It’s like a to myself consolation for my hard work.

  6. Shit happens!!! Offering the thief money to return your things is not going to happen. It’ll be unethical for the thief to return your shit.

    Ask the mall manager to review the tape, they might have the culprit on camera.

  7. Oh my!!! A “SHE”?!?!?! I thought it was a “HE”…
    so you know the face of the person who took it from you…
    oh my, that really sucks. tsk.

  8. Hiro,
    I reported it. They said, they can’t do anything about it, anymore since it was stolen so suddenly. The only thing they can do to help is return my things if in case they found them.

    Actually, all of the 3 domains I own were all suspended. This one,, where you were hosted before and

    Not really. there are thieves who still have the heart to return your stuff. They just take your money and cellphone.

    No, I don’t recognize her. The only thing I know is, she’s a she.

  9. Don’t expect him/her to return your belongings. That person wouldn’t sacrifice his/her face.

    I remember an incident last summer class. The cellphone of my classmate was stolen by another classmate(babae pa!). We had a suspect pero I think hindi nila directly inapproach pero our instructor and the one whose cellphone was stolen gave hints na kilala nila yung suspect. Mejo mahaba yung kuwento kung paano namin napagdudahan nung babae naming kaklase. Basta yun. Sabi nung nanakawan namin na classmate, ibalik niya yung cellphone kasi may sentimental value yun tapos kung talagang kailangan ng nagnakaw ng pera magbibigay siya ng kahit anong halaga, ibalik nila lang yung phone dahil sa sentimental value. Hindi ata binalik kasi iba na ang phone nung kaklase ko na yun(co-major ko siya)

  10. ahhh…

    sa mundong ginagalawan naten, wala nang mabaet… mapalalake o babae… magging itsura… sa una akala mo malinis… yun pala sa kaloob-looban eh sing dungis ng basang basura…

  11. too bad. The same feeling which I have felt 2 years ago when my cp was stolen in my pocket when I am having an accidental nap in the bus. One of the reasons why I don’t buy 2nd hand phones especially reconditioned ones. 😡

  12. Ouch! That really bites. See, the good thing about being a Roman Catholic… is the total satisfaction that you know creeps like that will go to hell. LOL!

    I always carry a messenger bag, always slung around me… even when I’m just eating at the mall. I’m paranoid.

    And whoah, what a coincidence… the image that rose to my mind… after reading your vengeful words full of wrath (haha) is the Hindu Goddess Kali… which I just wrote about a few hours ago. You should totally pray to her… to find this guy and behead him. (Just kidding.) Good luck in sorting out your troubles. 🙂

  13. Wow Euri, that really sucks – I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. There’s a small chance that at least some of your belongings will be returned but…sigh Small was the keyword. Try not to worry about it too much (easier said than done, I know I know) – just keep in mind that karma will come back and bite that person in the ass. Hard. You don’t even have to waste your time and energy wishing bad things on them – in fact, that may lead to bad karma for you so cut it out. 😛

    Love you – hope you feel better (physically and emotionally) soon!

  14. WTF was wrong with your site earlier? I couldn’t access the whole thing!

    Anyhoo, I, too, have lost something dearly to me recently. Welcome to the club. 😡

  15. you were just talking about your new cellphone recently before and now.. tsk tsk. that’s too bad! curse her! Mamatay din sya…

  16. oh, no. why? grabe naman! if the person who stole your bag doesn’t want the bribe you were offering then, perhaps he’s only afraid that you’ll get him into jail. oh, no, again. 👿

  17. any updates? uso talaga mga magnanakaw ngayon hehe.. last week nanakawan si pastor namin. All the youth dialed the number pero puro mura ang natanggap namin. Pero After a few minutes, yung isang youth pangalan “john” he said, “pakibalik po yung sim sa may-ari pastor po ang ninakawan ninyo, kahit yung phone sa inyo na basta ibalik po yung sim” after a few minutes naconvict ata binalik buo pero si pastor binigay pa rin yung phone sa kanya hehe… kabataan ang kumuha.. mga 14 years old…

  18. WTF. Sorry to hear that.

    Were you just sick? Or did she do something for you to block out? Like yung hipnotism whatnot?

  19. @ Belle ~
    Yeah, I am already sick when that happened. As in my mind is slightly going in circles. So I couldn’t react properly and just block out.

  20. tama si benj… dapat buong angkan……………………………………. at syempre hindi ko pa din makita portfolio mo. T_T

    i quit.

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