Philippine Blog Awards

Lets get to the highlight of the entry before I insert the rants. 😛

The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable Filipino-owned blogs in their respective niches ? a venue to showcase notable blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe.

Yes, yes, and yes. On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, (no, I’m not announcing the fact that I don’t have a date) nominations for the Philippine Blog Awards will be open. That said, I am already disqualified I am helping spread the word of it by informing my readers and putting up a banner. *points to the sidebar* I’m not sure if I would join in though. I am not one of those who belong to the “noteworthy” category nor one of those whom you may call “good enough”. I’m just another one of those in the crowd of 55 million bloggers.

Going back to my rant…

Because Ade (ahem, nakakarami ka na ng plug sakin ha ;)) and I were discussing about this last Friday, I thought of blogging it but that 2000 Bloggers entry has to come first. Anyway, my domain is expiring next month and I have to plan on paying for it this month. The problem is, my means of payment is very, for the lack a more suitable adjective, frustrating. I was given a lot of options, seriously. Let’s start off with the credit cards. Since I belong to the part of the society where we are called “poor people”, payment through credit cards is not an option. Secondly, there’s the good ‘ol manual way of paying cash over the counter option. But since I am currently residing way, way, way, way far, that option is impossible. Thirdly, the bank deposit option. I work at a place far from civilization. 😆 Seriously, banks here are about a few kilometers apart. Aside from that, the only means of transportation to get in different banks are the jeepneys that rarely come. Also, I have only an hour for lunch break to do so. Therefore, there is no way to do bank deposits in weekdays. Therefore, my only option left is to do it on weekends. Now, are there even banks open during weekends? Argh! I’m going crazy worrying all about this!

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  1. Being on the road a lot and residing in also “poor” Malaysia, i pay my domains online, since some of our banks here offer that option.

    Now registering needs you to go to the bank as well I guess, so best thing to do is send one of your friends or relatives to do the transaction for you (and get you the paperwork to go online banking if available)

    Hope that helps,

    TheSkinnyCook from Quick Dinner Recipes

  2. ahh I see you problem yh paypals a good idea and my mum deposits her checks and stuff online I dunno if you get checks though. I’m lucky I get hosted but I hope you renew it blogging life won’t be the same with out euri!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. @ Jaypee ~
    It’s currently registered at Godaddy through a friend.

    @ Yingna ~
    Philippines can only tranfer money through Paypal and it would need a credit card to do so. Therefore, not possible.

  4. @ Jaypee ~
    I’m planning to move it sa <a href=””” rel=”nofollow”> I was paying Php 500.00 for it.

  5. Icky…I hate financial situations…they always stress me out. X-P But I hope you get something figured out Euri!

    By the way, thank you for your lovely comments. They always make me feel better.

  6. Maybe a certian jesues-freak we know will let you borrow some space >.> LOL

    No James, my pride wont allow it. As long as I can afford to pay, I will pay for my own fees. And besides, having an atheist as a host when you are a Jesus-freak is a little insulting. You should think of her feelings too, sometimes. 🙂

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