Explanation and Updates

Since Talamasca brought it up, let me explain why this site, yet again, was down for 2 consecutive days. The first day is when I was suspended again, for the controversial “illegal anime content” that we thought that was already resolved and understood by the data center. As I was informed, my host’s entire server was totally shut down by due to the same old reasons. So my host said, that she’ll move us to her other server with a different data center. So we did that Sunday afternoon and of course, it’s take approximately 2 days until it’s fully propagated throughout the net so there. Now that you’re seeing this site and is currently reading this entry, it is therefore, up and running fine again. I would like to extend my apologies to my host again for causing her too much trouble.

For my site updates, the KHS mangas are up again. They are hosted on the free download server my kind host provided for me. This time, I summarized the long detailed disclaimer and rules into a few easy to understand list and put them before the downloads. Now people wont have an excuse for not reading my disclaimer and rules. While at it, I also added our newest release doujinshi, Touhouki Sougeki.

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  1. So that’s what happened? Illegal anime content? That’s it? Sheesh! The green-eyed douchebag who reported it must get a life! You hear me, huh? GET A LIFE! 😛

  2. Glad to see that everything’s going well now. Tsk tsk. Sucky datacenter. But Ate Ems is a great host, so no serious problem can’t be resolved, haha. 😉

  3. I’d read about your site being down … from Lexie’s blog. Yay, you’re back!

    Hmm, that person that reported whatever… needs to find something useful to do in life, pronto. Nothing better to do but cause trouble, apparently.

  4. hello Euri.. your site is now okay…

    I am moving this domain away, along with the other 2, from the new server I just leased. I hope everything will go alright in that new server. I will be moving files tonight until tomorrow so please give me until 48 hours to complete this. Thank you very much!

  5. ooh… your site is now okay 😀 good thing, I couldn’t access it earlier. I dunno why, maybe its just the stupid computer at our org’s office or the reason stated above. Anyway, I dropped by 😀

  6. My site was down too. But Ems is a gracious host so it was back up online ASAP. And good thing, too, I made a backup of my files. 🙂 About the one who reported the illegal stuff, I guess he’s just one crazy bum who hadn’t got anything else to do. As for the data center, they should have done a more thorough investigation before tearing down the server without notice whatsoever.

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