Beyond Eternal’s 8th Anniversary Giveaway Winners

Here are the list of winners from Beyond Eternal’s 8th Anniversary Giveaway I held last November 15th:

Actually, I never got the chance to raffle them anymore. There were exactly 8 entries and I’m supposed to giveaway 8 Globe 100 Loads. I feel happy that it made my life easier, but at the same time, I’m sad because I didn’t get that much participants in this raffle, but oh well.

Congratulations to the winners! I’ve sent you emails, please reply to them as soon as possible!

Update 2011.12.13 18.18:

Globe 100 Load has been sent to the winners who have replied to the previous email I’ve sent!

To the winners who haven’t, you only have until this Thursday, December 15, 2011 12:00 AM to send me your mobile numbers or your prize will be forfeited. I’ll re-raffle the load to those who were not able to join the contest on time.

Thank you!

Update 2011.12.15 14.10:

Stephen Rey and Lee‘s prizes are forfeited after not replying for a month. New winners are Xian and Chette! Congratulations!

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  1. Yay~
    I’m sorry konti sumali. I tried to spread it around, I guess tinatamad sila or hindi naniniwalang mamimigay ka ng libreng load. Lol. Thank you @euri~ <3
    Congratulations again for your 8th year. 😉

  2. Well whaddya know, it’s my lucky day! Haha. I should’ve checked my email sooner. Thank you so much again, Euri! I’ve sent you a reply~ yii!

  3. ba’t di ko ito alam? O.O
    nakasali sana ako XD lolz!


    And belated happy 8th anniv to beyondeternal, Euri-sama XDDD

  4. It’s so sad I’ve read it late. I didn’t claimed my prize. But it’s okay. I’m still glad that we have a great Filipino community over here.

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