Script and Other Updates

I’ve updated quite a bit from this site. I’ve removed a lot of stuff from the Guest section – premade layouts and other graphics. I thought that I wouldn’t need them anymore since there are tons of sites around where you could get them from now.

I’ve added new reward images for Site Hits and changed the Find the Chibi. This time, you’re to find Memphis the Mermaid. Regarding the Mind Games that’s been down for a while, I’ll need a bit more time to re-code them.

Speaking of re-coding, I’ve finally updated the Guestbook. I’ve been having that ereg error all around this site due to the PHP 5.3.0 update on the server. I’ve re-coded and updated the guestbook and tagboard scripts (they’re mostly the same anyway) and other errors related to it especially since I didn’t notice that there was an error since I moved it around.

While at it, I’ve also updated the gift image in the guestbook. As most of you might’ve already known, if you sign my guestbook, you get an email from me with an image gift in it. It’s that gift image I was referring to. Please note that this is only when you sign the guestbook. If you posted in my tagboard, however, you don’t get the same image gift. I’m thinking of adding a different image gift for the tagboard, too. Probably later.

That’s about all for the site updates for how long has it been?

Oh and I’ve added a few more affiliates and link exchange, please visit them as well!

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  1. Hi Euri!
    kamusta na girl 🙂 hehe. I’ve linked you already as well thanks for putting mine up so fast!

    I wish I was as determined as you are when working with scripts/re-coding. I used to be very patient with them but since now everything is like a plugin / wordpress friendly, I seem to just go with the click click click lol. I admire you though for being so passionate.

    I guess I’ll try and go find that beautiful mermaid now!

    1. Haha! Sorry about the confusion! I used to have it on the sidebar of this site too. I’m still thinking about putting it back.

  2. Oh thank you so much!!! So many icons. You are so generous. 😀
    Also, I received your award application. Thanks so much for applying. ^^
    Btw, do you use an instant messenger?

  3. Ah man, I don’t know a whole lot of people anymore who make the “find the ___” games. I love those, I used to love going on scavenger hunts on sites for those :3 I signed your guestbook, too!

  4. It sounds like you’ve been busy. I am still trying to figure out for sure what type of content to even put on my website – of course, I have to get a new domain first. Right now, I’m just blogging. 🙂

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