Happy Holidays 2007!

Aww… My ear drum’s going to burst. One thing I hate about Christmas is when kids sing Christmas carols outside of your house, totally tone deaf and unsynchronized. The best remedy for this is Maximum the Hormone’s Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero. :love: :love:

Anyway, happy happy holidays to everyone! Here’s my holiday gift! OMG! I’m not late this time. Yey! ^_^


Yes, yes, that’s me from the picture with my new hair. So, I got a new hair cut. I wanted it to look somewhat like Toshiya‘s haircut (his bangs, to be exact) but it kinda turned out differently from what I imagined it to be. My new hair looked in between Kikasa’s (Due le Quartz‘s bassist) hair and Kana‘s hair. I also had it highlighted. I wanted a white highlight but according to ate Loi (the one who cut my hair and did the highlights and everything), it wont look good.

Here’s a few pics of the highlights:

newhair.jpg newhair2.jpg

I haven’t had a new hair style since college days. Now that I think about it, I look a lot more like when I was in college now? O_o The short bangs also reminded me of the days when I was still a young and innocent boy. My eyes are still shut off the world of yaoi, back then. Nyahaha! πŸ‘Ώ I also realized that aside from Mana, I could also do a Miyavi (back in his Due le Quartz era) and Kana cosplay. Kana is easier to cosplay since easier to imitate than a visual kei musician due to their elaborate style. But, of course, that’s what makes me love them.

So, how’s your holiday?

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  1. No anime stuff for me this Christmas… πŸ™ But at least I get to blog… Oh love the highlights… I’m planning to sport a new ‘do next year but I’m still undecided if I’m dying my hair entirely or just getting highlights… Enjoy the holidays while it lasts…

  2. Leaving my trail before I go to sleep!

    Merry Christmas Miss Euri!!! :3

    I’ll go grab your gift later heehee… I have some on my blog too… do drop by if you want to grab one. πŸ˜€ the day just started, hope you’ll have a great Christmas! πŸ˜€ Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Lovin’ the pics, Euri! Cute hair we have there! Not to mention, cute you are. πŸ™‚

    I can’t believe this myself but… Nowadays, my hair is almost similar to <a href=”http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r187/DanHellbound/petewentz.jpg”” rel=”nofollow”>Pete Wentz’s hair shown on this pic. Mullet, in short! And I just realized that just now! But I won’t be getting a haircut for now since I’m liking the style. Not that I idolize Mr. Wentz, by the way. Just the ‘do. πŸ˜†

    Merry Christmas, my friend! I miss chatting with you online! Hoping that your Christmas is a good one… ^_^

  4. Euri is KIREI as EVER! *glompS*
    hope your having good holidays, get some rest! Hopefully will see you on IM some time; Work scheduale been wacky so I never get around to IM ;-; Hope to cya soon

  5. gently tugs at hair nice one. very jrock-ish.

    grabs the gift thanks, yo. wasn’t able to make one of my own so i think i’ll just give u a hug instead. hugs happy holidays. ^^

  6. Thankyou for the gift *hearts you* hope you got mine through my email reply as well! πŸ˜€ hehehehe

    Cool new hair as well πŸ˜‰ i like to style my hair like famous people as well – i usually take pictures of them to my hairdresser’s for her to try and copy the style hehehehe xp – it usually turns out very different from the expected result as well dammit xD!!

  7. Nice hair! πŸ™‚ You know what, I had my hair coloured as well. Not highlights though, I just changed the tint of it. I hope you like your hair as much as I do with mine. Happy holidays as well! <3

  8. HAPPY (late) CHRISTMAS omg carol singers soooo annoying especially when THEY CAN’T SING! any ways loving the hair gorgeous stuff!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. nice hair,, i think white highlights would’ve been cool,, not grey ha (like what our lolas have) i meen like really white.. πŸ™‚ but,, hair still looks gr8,, it’s something different..

  10. Hey, I’m not sure if you remember me at all but I used to own Blurbs (blurbs.china-roses.net) but I let that domain expire and junk…and got a new one. Hehe, but yeah, just dropping by because I got your sweet little email. ^^ That’s cute that you had little kids sing carols…I’ve actually never seen carolers before in my life. =/ I guess people around in my town just don’t get into it? Eh, whatevs…lol.

    Your haircut looks nice! I need to get my bangs re-done too…lol, I wanna get my hair highlighted but I don’t think it’s healthy enough to be colored, without extremely killing and drying it out. T_T

    My christmas was pretty cool, I got to meet a whole new side of the family that I did not know existed. XD Hope you have a happy new year my dear! <3

  11. Hello Miss Euri! I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays, despite your annoying carolers. I personally have never had the privilege of people singing carols outside my door so I don’t know what that’s like. But I imagine I would like it, even if they were off key. πŸ˜€

    LOVE the new hair. I think your bangs look great – I wish I could get mine to look like that.

  12. I made a graphic for “the dreaded friendster Christmas testi” (quoting masaya, if you know her ^^;)…and I used the same stock photo. lol! what are the chances??

    Anyway, I like your hair :3 I had mine re-permed. I’ve been sporting curly locks for 3 yrs now and its starting to get boring. I need an update.. maybe I should get the short hair that everyone’s sporting..it reminds me of when I looked boyish.. but I was already post-yaoi and yuri by that time haha (such early loss of innocence lol)

    Enjoy the Holidays!

  13. sana niyaya mo ako magpagupet…ehehe… dpq nagpapagupet since birth eh… este, since hayskul…ehehehe

  14. Nice hair. It’s cute. I had mine dyed blue last Christmas but the stupid color won’t stick. Now the color is best described as “weird”.

    As for the Goth Xmas party (remember that?) I was planning to do Mana’s look in Beast of Blood but ended up going as a punk instead. Oh well.

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