Tuition Fees Will Get High

First day of class, as expected, no one’s there. I guess they (my classmates) will start comming to school by next week. πŸ˜› Okay, I take it, we’re a lazy bunch! πŸ˜† I went to check if there was a request for openning Elective 01 (Oracle). I was pretty sure they will have it opened since we were 2 entire classes who failed that damn course. So it was on the requested list. Yey! πŸ˜‰

The news said that tuition fees will get high this school year on state universities. They even gave a state university as an example and said that the school’s Php12.00 per unit might rise up to Php17.00 because the government doesn’t support. I was so shocked! A unit only cost 17 pesos?! I’m paying more or less than Php500.00 for a unit and there exist a school that offers a unit that cheap?! *collapsed* So it is a public school. So what, public and private schools doesn’t have much difference. Both have all kinds of students in all kinds of attitude, manner of dressing etc.

If you ask me, I personally would like to get my children on a public school or a typical private school rather than an exclusive school. Why? Because the child would grow up ignorant of the things around him/her. Look at me for example, the first time I knew how a fishball, squidball, one-day-old egg, balot, sago etc. taste like is when I got to high school. The snack that were always given to me are Pizza, Tacos, Nachos, Cheeze Burgers, Fries, Spaghetti and the like. My grandma doesn’t want to give me foods as such because she thinks their “dirty and full of germs.” Every time I would attempt to buy one, my yaya would look extremely scary. -.- Yaya always carry this stupid umbrella everywhere I go. It’s annoying. πŸ™ Oh, I forgot. I never learn how to travel by jeepney until I got to 2nd year highschool. And even now, I still can’t go to far places. The only place I go is those near the school and house. Nonetheless, not. I would get lost! My brother on the other hand is opposite. He grew up at my Mom and Dad’s supervision so he learned everything I am ignorant of. Lucky asshole!

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  1. Yeah, State Univ. are cheap..very cheap… Sa UP nga the tuition fee per unit is like 6 pesos, ewan ko lang kung tumaas na. Pero mahirap makapasok sa magagandang State Uni.

  2. hhmm.. makalipat nga ng university para mura hehehe.. pwede pa ako humabol ng dean’s lister or Cum laude(tama ba spelling??) hehehe…

    ah.. poor euri.. Hey we, (kuya Rem, Ate Chette and the others go out and eat fishball, squidball, one-day-old and all the food that you have miss.. hehehe just for fun! Ei now ur all grown up do u still don’t go to far places (by urself that is)?

    Any way u take care now! don’t get lost if u do just call any of us! hehehe! peace out!!

  3. Your grandma didn’t want you to have: “fishball, squidball, one-day-old egg, balot, sago” how odd. well I haven’t had them either. let us feel silly together (finds flaw with that: although I’m the only one who hasn’t had any now you’re past highschool.. hmm)

  4. you know there really is no difference at all what type of school you get into really. many people end up rich without going to college anyway. as for those types of food i’ve tasted some and i’m going to be in 4th year high school and i still don’t know how to ride a jeepney alone ^^;

  5. I agree with what you said about schools, but I want my children to go to a private school because it could be better in terms of education and growing up in a good environment but public schools are good in a way that you get to go through more stuff and learn more as you grow with all kind of people around you… I don’t like restricting them to 1 type of people (if that make sense). Whatever, I don’t even have kids yet haha… don’t think I ever will… anyway take good care Euri!

  6. no comment sa post πŸ˜› ganyan na talaga ang systema, lala pa yan. expect mo na yun.

    tumaba ako? hehe buti naman. Magaling mag-alaga si Kuya Philip mo, hindi nga halata na pagod na pagod ako sa trabaho ko πŸ™‚ but its worth it. So worth it. Sarap magbigay nang Trabaho ni Lord πŸ™‚

  7. You just started school? Wheee. We started at the end of Jan -_-;;;;;.

    What are pesos? Like.. Money? ;o We use dollars here. xD Lol O_O:

  8. Yeah, Philippine Peso (Php) or simply Peso is what we call the Philippine currency. The term Peso came from the Spaniards who clonized the Philippines hundered years before. πŸ˜‰

  9. Euri ^_^ about your comment in my comment box πŸ™‚

    Thank you for quoting 1 Timothy. So that I can “explain to you what this means”. Preaching the Word of God and Conquering man is different. When God commanded people to preach the word, Not just men but women as well (when God said, “Children” not only men but women as well). It was a tradition in the past (that women have no right to preach or even to talk to men Just like what what we are doing right now. Like now, you can “debate or you can express your feelings”.)

    It was their tradition in the past, But that doesn’t mean they have no right to SHARE God’s Love and preach inside their house. Women preach/teach their children at home. Now, as Ranma said. Women can do what men can do. If we will all follow the 1 Timothy quote or suggestion of Paul to Timothy, then we women should not look for jobs. Dapat sa Bahay na lang tayo. (because that is our role diba?) also, When I teach/preach the Gospel. I am not dominating man. And also, if Paul suggested that to Timothy. (Andoon na ko) but after a few years or months, God told John in Revelation that He will USE Men or Women to prophesy, to preach the Gospel in the end times. WE ARE in the END TIMES EURI

    btw.. What I meant by “Pumuputi ka.” true Umitim ka, kasi yung puti mo may pagkaitim.

  10. Yeah, Philippine Peso (Php) or simply Peso is what we call the Philippine currency. The term Peso came from the Spaniards who clonized the Philippines hundered years before

    Ang peso ay adopted from Mexico. XP

  11. My elementary years were spent in private schools but during high school i transferred from public to private and went back to public again. I guess students in public are more aware of simple things than students in private schools. And they’re not that mean… but Im not concluding these things to all private students.

    Being in a state universities are much affordable than in private school though you have a big point that being in private or in public doesn’t have much difference.. but i guess it always comes with the standard of the school. Buti pa nga sa school nyo 500 per unit samin 1300 ata per unit. super bigat good thing i have my scholarship kung ala i already transferred to other school. hehehe… i guess being in public has a lot of advantages though in my experience.

  12. “I never learn how to travel by jeepney until I got to 2nd year highschool.” Ahhhh! meeps around in shock Jeepneesies are awesome! Didja know I once chased one down the street and the driver-man let me ride for free because I just felt like it for funnns? πŸ˜€

  13. Well, now that I think of it, I think he was good friends with mei lola. ^_^; Sorry for doubleposting.

  14. whoah… I actually learned how to commute by high school that’s because that’s the only time my mom lets me to do it. As for street foods, I don’t eat isaw before because I find it dirty but now to heck with it. Masarap pala isaw? XD ahahaha…

  15. Ang peso ay adopted from Mexico. XP

    Hehe. My mistake. πŸ˜›

    It was a tradition in the past (that women have no right to preach or even to talk to men Just like what what we are doing right now.

    I am well aware of this fact. That’s not the point of me posting that quote.

    btw.. What I meant by ?Pumuputi ka.? true Umitim ka, kasi yung puti mo may pagkaitim.

    Huh? Didn’t get this part right.

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