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I don’t understand myself sometimes. Last Thursday night, I was freaking out about the termites in my room but tonight, I was moving all around my place to remove them. I think I finished an entire roll of tissue paper just removing those that I could reach (I wont freaking touch them!). Uh… yes, including those that I could reach while standing above tables, chairs and such. If I would leave those that I couldn’t reach with my height, it would be almost as if I didn’t remove anything. >_< Btw, I’m removing those that are small and was sticking all over the room. Not those things that looked like plant roots. I asked the building’s janitor to remove them earlier and sterilized my knife twice with 100 degrees of boiling water after, because I love my knife. I use that to cut my delicious and fresh looking raw fishes. I love raw stuff, after all. I think I should buy another knife in the case of things like this happening again. XD

Side note: Oh, just to clear things before the misunderstanding, I can’t cook. Really. I only rely on canteen, fast foods, canned goods and Carla‘s delicious cooking for my everyday meals. Actually, Carla pitied me so she volunteered (more like I forced her, or not?). One sad truth that I would really need a husband who could cook someday. So interested people who would be willing to take in a “pet” who can’t literally do anything aside from ironing clothes and washing dishes, please send your resumes at my e-mail with a 2×2 inches scanned picture. Just kidding. ^_^”

But don’t get me wrong, I still think that termites utterly undeniable and definitely disgusting. But if I don’t do anything no one will remove them for me and I’m not that type who would scream and say “EEEKK!! TERMITES!! REMOVE THEM!!” and cry afterwards. I would rather shiver in fright removing them than cry in a nook of my room. So I’m really trying my best to keep myself busy tonight getting the horrifying image of the termites out of my mind. That being the case, I took this chance to clean my room.

And it feels great to drink hot and aroma filled tea after all the hard work. ^_^

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  1. As far as I know you’ve got wood treatments again termites… Sold in shops and pretty easy to apply and all… Thing is I’m afraid it might be more dangerous for your health (intoxication with vapors while it dries) than the bugs…
    Unless you leave your room to dry for some days without sleeping there anymore…
    Other solution would be to pin a large piece of nice fabric as a sort of “second ceiling” (plus it makes a very comfy cave / hide out like feeling). Falling bugs will be trapped between the real ceiling and your large textile ceiling… If you’ve got some spiders over there they’ll take care of the fallen crawling beasts…
    Anyways, can’t be but temporary because if you got this insects in such quantity it means they are eating out your ceiling (and the rest), so eventually the room/house will end up sooner or later collapsing (it can take years but still)…

    Just another thing, looks like you’ve got A LOT of this insects there… are you sure those are termites and not moth larva ?

    About the cooking, I’d really love to apply <3… but unfortunately I can only cook French stuff 🙂

  2. I miss Euri ;-;

    I can cook! 😀 Euri can come live with and I can cook 😀 (cant promise it fresh and “right on order”; would have to put it in fridge then reheat cause I dont quite have the normal scheduale) XD

  3. You should try Italian cuisine. Buy some pasta and some sauce (pesto sauce is the best… or else you could try alfredo or marinara…), boil the pasta for 8-12 minutes, heat the sauce if required, drain pasta, and serve with sauce. It’s quick and easy, not to mention DELICIOUS.

    That second ceiling idea sounds nifty. Hope it goes well.

  4. MikoKagome04,
    Me loves Italian cuisine too~ <33
    I like Alfredos too~ <33
    And pizza! Lot’s of and lot’s of pizza~ <33
    (I’m hungry. T_T You’re fault. =P)

  5. Termites huh? Wow…I just hate all bugs. I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about maggots – disgusting! I almost threw up. I don’t like anything that squirms.

    I’m glad you were brave enough to try to get rid of them yourself! I would have been that type that would curl up in a ball and cry, freaking out because I think they’re crawling on me, hahaha. I’m a wuss when it comes to those things.

    I was reading this this morning and I thought you might be interested, if you haven’t seen it already:
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  6. Used to live in a wooden house before moving into an apartment building. Do you have a small vacuum cleaner? that’s how I got rid of them… vacuum them off the walls and sometimes carpet. then open up the vacuum cleaner and wash the dirt bag. actually soak it in detergent so they will all fall off dead at the bottom of the detergent filled pail. after that leave to dry and repeat process for the survivors. good luck euri 🙂

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