Little Bugs

There are these little bugs I’m seeing around my kitchen lately. It’s about the size of those bugs you see on rice stored for too long. Whenever I crush them, there’s this crunchy little sound that I seem to find bliss in. It drives me mad in want to crush one more as soon as I crushed one. I have a mixed feeling of relief that my house isn’t that dirty to be filled with bugs and sadness because I couldn’t find anymore little bugs to crush.

It just went pass my mind, is it immoral to crush bugs like this considering that they are also living creatures despite them being parasite or whatever? Then again, I do not give a damn for other people’s so-called morality since it’s always biased and most of the time, one-sided.

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  1. Its like those awesomely addictive plastic bags with the little air bags that you pop, good stuff :p

  2. Yeah :o. you know what you should do next? Collect the bugs, then insert them into the air bags and then pop two things at once 😀

  3. Hahah~ I hate bugs, and I’ll probably do the same XD and yeah, I like those plastic bubble pop thingie tpp~ I just can’t seem to get rid of that habit of popping every single one of them and pops it again until everything is flat~ XD

  4. morality – state of mind

    Finchs last blog post..<a href=””” rel=”nofollow”>Surviving-college 101

  5. Such a malevolent lil’devil… <3

    Mmmh… think you need holidays far from your kitchen… 😀

  6. Well, I love crushing little bugs too.. haha, anyway, about my grades, A1 is like A+ and A2 is like A-. 😆 and so on.. well, lil’ bugs are cute sometimes though.. X-P

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