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A few weeks ago, my mom got invited to a promo tour of Resorts World Manila and she mandated us all to go with her. At first, I thought it was such as waste of time and money because I thought that Resorts World was just another one of those high-end malls like Greenbelt and High Street, just beside a six star hotel.

So, after a few weeks of setting dates, we we’re finally able to set a date to join the tour date, and that was today. I heard that the promo thing was just until the end of the month.

Our tour included the bus fair to and from Resorts World for PHP 550.00 each person, plus PHP 7.00 for the buffet lunch. Yes, that’s only PHP 7.00 because of the promo. Included in this promo is a temporary membership card with PHP 300.00 credits for you to play inside the casino. You cannot en-cash the free PHP 300.00 credit, however, if you have other credit winnings earned from that PHP 300.00, you can en-cash it to real money.

I also got a temporary membership card with my name on it, late after. They said that when you go back there again, you would be given the real membership card and you could start earning points. Each point is equivalent to PHP 1.00. And you can use these points in shops and/or restaurants within Resorts World.

As usual, bringing a camera is prohibited inside the casino, however, to my surprise, mobile phones with cameras were allowed. I had to leave my camera behind a counter to be able to enter the casino. Another usual thing is that I’m always asked for my age and an ID to prove the fact that I’m old enough to enter the casino.

The buffet was inside the casino. There were lots of yummy food and yummy cakes. I stayed there drinking tea and eating cake until about 3PM. Haha! We played a bit of this and that inside and it was fun. I lost the PHP 300.00 free credits I got via the slot machines that I suck so much at, and a few hundred more pesos gambling the dice thing we found in the middle of it. The same with my mom and 2 brothers and our younger brother’s girlfriend, Doo. Our older brother’s girlfriend, Jen, though, was pretty lucky. She won around PHP 2,000.00 playing slot machines, but lost about half of it before she quit.

After playing, we went around the mall and took silly pictures of each other. We got treated to Serenitea by Jen because she won them over at the casino. And while waiting for our tea, I took silly pictures of our older brother to kill boredom.


After Serenitea, we went around idling for time until our departure call time at 6:30PM. I suddenly remembered the perfume shop, ART of SCENT that I chanced upon while searching for our younger brother, and promised myself earlier that I would come back for it. We stopped by there to try different perfumes until I saw the cabinet where all the CHANEL perfumes are placed. I looked at the bottles one after another hoping to find CHANEL Platinum Egoiste, a perfume I so fucking adore so much that I even went to most known high-end perfume stores all around  just for it.  I even went so far to ask friends to look for it at Hong Kong and Singapore, to no luck. And guess what, THEY FUCKING HAVE IT! I was literally jumping around, when I found it. I even looked at its name more than twice and asked the guy from the store just for him to confirm that it’s the one.  I was like OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG I’M SO FUCKING BUYING YOU RIGHT NOW! And did. Tada! XD

My mom also got a freebie from the same store.

It’s a 5 mL Thierry Mugler Angel (Etoile Collection). The tiny bottle that’s shaped like a star is very pretty. It has this pretty and sweet and sexy scent, but it’s a bit too strong, in my opinion. The guy from the perfume store said it’s a night perfume and when you use it, you only use a bit of it, that’s why it’s strong.

All in all, happy day is happy! *insert super wide idiotic grin here*

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  1. uwaaaahhh!!! i’ve never been to resorts world and kinda curious about that~ sana!! HAHAHA! Lucky day to your family to be invited and with awesome activities you got there 🙂 and Congratulations in finding your perfume! Now i’m curious about that fragrance 🙂 Heehee~

  2. Looks like you had a good time. 🙂 I would’ve loved to go to that perfume shop… I love perfumes, and once I get attached to one, the stores here usually stop carrying it. Such is my luck, I guess. LOL.

  3. Hmm that’s interesting. No cameras but mobile phone cameras are okay? *scratches head* haha. That sounds like a lot of fun, I love buffets at casinos, so expensive but I love food! I wanna go to one sometime xD I’ve never gambled before – never really wanted to. Was convinced that I would never win anything after my friend easily lost a lot of money in like 2 minutes haha.

    1. Mobile phones are okay, but I don’t think you’re allowed to take pictures. If you think you’re the type who would probably get addicted to gambling, don’t go. You’ll definitely lose a lot of money in there. Haha! XD

  4. Euri, hi~ 😀 I miss blog hoping. XD

    I haven’t been there and idk if I will there actually. Poor lang ako. XD

    Tho 2NE1 stayed there last Feb, so I’m a bit curious. 🙂

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