It’s my 24th birthday. Nothing much changed, I grew one more year, yet I look half of my age, still. It’s not exactly what you could call a “happy” birthday either. Things happen here and there, but I’m getting by, hopefully.  I’m giving up on my usual birthday wishes, which is to grow tall and fat. I take them as a joke anyway. I actually have a real birthday wish this time. My wish is pretty simple – I wish for a peace of mind and a peaceful year this time around. That’s all.

Special plugs to:

  • Dos for being the first person to greet me today;
  • To Ravie for waiting for it to hit 12am just to greet me;
  • And to Ade for greeting me a day earlier.

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  1. Happy birthday to you as well. I always used to wish that I could fly, but I suppose yours does the trick.

    Here’s to lots of presents and good memories. raises glass

  2. dear euri-neesama…
    happy bday… thanks din pala for adding me to your youtube. means so much. miss you. please be safe always and may your wishes come true.

    PS: Do not forget the linking at JROCK Blog crew. I’m renovating.

  3. aaaah! this post makes me remember my age. im only 27 and im thinking, what did i ever do with those 27 years!

  4. Happy birthday Euri! (does the obasan term apply now :D?) Anyways, hope you had fun! (Sorry im a little late!)

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