Ahia Obet

Last Sunday night, my cousin died. According to the autopsy, his heart stopped. There’s been many speculations of his cause of death, but no one is really sure as to why or what exactly caused his death.

Today, we went to see him. I still can’t believe he’s lying there. I browse through his photo albums that were lying there. They were his pictures from his elementary days until he went to the States. Then, I finally went to look at him. I was staring at his face and thinking if it was really him inside. It made me doubt if that moment was really reality or I was just dreaming. I thought, if it was just a dream, I wanted to wake up. That dream wasn’t nice at all.

When I saw my uncle and aunt, I really didn’t know what to tell to them. When I saw my cousins, I just helplessly stared at them, unable to say anything. I wanted to say something but my mind went totally blank.

We lived in our grandmother’s house with him for about 4-5 years, before I moved to Angeles. Our family aren’t that particularly close but compared to all our other cousins, we are closest to them the most. I remembered when I go up to their bedroom every night to tell him stuff I did at school. I remembered asking him about the Bible he reads each night before he goes to bed. I remembered eating with him at dinner. I was really young back then so I couldn’t really remember too much of things, but his kindness never changed.

He’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve known in my entire life. A really kind-hearted and selfless person. He’s willing to give anything for the people who needs them. It was such a rare trait to find in people these days. He was 30, single, full of dreams and had a bright future ahead of him.

Sayonara, Ahia Obet.

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This video was made by another cousin, his brother.

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  1. Reading this makes me feel sad. Like I mentioned on Plurk, I know how you feel. I just lost my great-grandma a couple of weeks ago. Then I find out yesterday that someone I used to work with at A&W passed away from cancer the other day. Only 22. Not to mention our 3 goldfishies and huge ass algae eater. The algae eater was so huge, he almost backed up the toilet. XD

    *hugs* It’ll be alright. Just take your time. <3

  2. condolences to your loss my friend.

    its sad to see nice people pass away ahead before their time.

    maybe when i die i’ll ask God that same question.

  3. I watched the video via Plurk. He was quite the traveller. So sad to see someone as nice as him go. 🙁

    Oh yea, update your blog link you have for me.

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