MU Season 4

Hohohoho! Look at what I got in my e-mail just now! 😎


MU Online Philippines Season 4 is coming! Woot!

And on the Season 4 site it says:

Features new 3rd class change up:

Blade Master (Blade Knight)
Grand Master (Soul Master)
High Elf (Muse Elf)
Duel Master (Magic Gladiator)
Lord Emperor (Dark Lord)
Dimension Master (Bloody Summoner)

If you’re level is 380 or higher, you can go through a 3 stage Quest to get the change up. Only level 400 characters can go through the 2nd and 3rd stages of the quest, however, but the rewards are worth it.

More information will posted in the future!

Notice the bold class! Yesh! Me wants a summoner! Me wants a summoner! *dances* But level 400 character? Oh, noes! D=

I shall get my character resurrected! But, wait. Oh, crap! Now that I think about it, I forgot what my old character is! *facepalm* Should I start from level 1? Boost me, pweeze? =’3

OR I’ll go buy a character somewhere. *whistles*

GM, GM, pengeng gamit! 😎

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  1. yesh ^^ u should start from lv 1 Lolz. But ur not that type since ur a very very very very very very very very very very bz person ^,..,^y

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