I’m Tired

I haven’t been posting. My life’s gotten pretty damn busy that I don’t even have the time to blog anymore. And I don’t even have anything to blog about. I just thought I would post now to let you guys know that I might be shutting down a few sites I own, I don’t have the time to maintain them anymore. And probably, I might close a few accounts too like my deviantart, friendster, myspace and multiply accounts. I might reconsider this, however. I might just go on a long long hiatus for a while and return later.

Honestly, I’m tired. I’m tired about everything. Everyday life, work, home, and even my only get away from all this – my online life is becoming tiring.

Work. I seldom blog about work. As much as possible, I don’t blog about work. Well, other vampires might have me killed if they found out that I’m been given the great task to have the impure ones haunted one after another. And this are one of those few times that I really have to blog about my feelings from these misadventures. I’m trying really hard to have a better mood everyday, because it’s pretty important for work. Working is like painting something, you know. You have to have the good vibes and the good mood to make it work out well. Work is one thing that is really important to me and that I’m really proud of what I’m doing and what I have done. It it something that I don’t wanna lose. Well, because I have bills to pay, I need to feed myself, and my online gaming allowance also comes from it. But lately, I’ve been loosing that good feeling like I’m enjoying work, you know. I need to have a one on one reflection with myself to find out what’s wrong and/or what’s bothering me.

Online. For one, I’m tired that people just don’t follow rules even though they are clearly stated on the same fucking page, with either huge font or a striking color or something else that would make it standout. Do I have to make every thing blink for people to notice such a few line of rules? And I’m tired of people who doesn’t have their own creativity to think of something else to do and kept on plagiarizing my stuff. And it’s not even mere ideas or concepts, it’s plagiarizing head on – copying and pasting my content to their freaking damn sites. And without even asking for a permission or a credit or whatever. I don’t want to rant about these things anymore. I’m really mad this time. Mad to the point that I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

Myself. I’m tired of myself for ranting too much. I’ve become the person I hate most – the annoying type who has too much to say. But at least, I haven’t fallen so low as to reach that point that I don’t get anything done. I still have hope!

I needed rest. I wanted peace. I wanted to immitate Jeoffrey, who just disappeared one day, had the time of his life to have a peace of mind somewhere, for a while. But I don’t have the guts. Bah, I’m just a sorry ass.

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  1. pareho lang pala tayo ng sitwasyon


    pagod na din ako
    lalo na sa trabaho

    hindi ko na naasikaso buhay ko

  2. You just need some rest and time to yourself. I feel the same way on a lot of stuff, too. I would like to see you stay online at least instead of just vanishing. Who else am I supposed to give random links to Asian music download sites to? *uber hugs*

  3. I hear you,. child. I know how it feels. I’m in that situation myself, and I’m desiring solace right now.

    Take some time out. Wander around. See places. Go offline, kill your phone. Just disappear for a few days to gather your thoughts and see through the haze. It will help.

    It’s never mandatory to update blogs anyway, or tell people that you’re still alive. Chase after your own contentment and just get out there for yourself.

    Hope these words of mine helped.

  4. That’s what happens when you have too much of an online presence. About the plagiarizing thing, that is. As for the idiots, that’s because they’re stupid. And there’s a lot of them.

    As for feeling tired and discontent, I always find that I feel calmer after listening to Nightwish, especially the more classically-influenced tracks. Sorry about feeling down. You should “disappear” once in a while, you know? Don’t be afraid to act on your desires.

  5. will not even start to rant about online plagiarism
    Euri needs a cookie
    gives Euri a box of cookies
    and a break hands Euri a kit-kat xD j/k really.
    sometimes I want to hide in a corner and get some rest from the world too D:

  6. Mmmh… Don’t you worry Milady…
    Everything might look hectic & boring at the moment. but I’m sure It’s temporary…

    We all go through freakin’ downs (hell I know the feeling…).

    And Goth !! Ending the game too soon is a total waste no matter how you look at it.

    Now about the rest…
    Exceptional people do get copied and stuff.
    If you think about it it’s the sign of a profound admiration (I’m just translating here in English the kind of stuff I keep repeating myself whenever I get pissed by similar situations hehehe).
    But seriously, don’t be surprised… As much as I know you yet you are already a very impressive person on many levels Euri.
    Most people need individuals like yourself to give them inspiration and all… Sort of a “source” if you will…
    Plagiarizing is just a reflect of their own failures and doubts. You’re even probably indirectly helping them reaching new levels…
    When you think about it, this is not so bad at the end…

    About taking a rest from online life, you should definitely do the way you feel…
    Life on the web is far too schizophrenic to bring a solid and serene equilibrium.
    Like our Sister Gotham Phoenix would say : it is all about balance 😉

    And if you feel like you’re following the wrong path in your real life (the job and all), means you definitely need to take time with yourself to rectify, and get back precisely on the tracks of your destiny. Otherwise things won’t ameliorate.
    I’m rational but weirdly enough, from experience, quite convinced of that sort of things…

    Take the rest you need Milady, whenever you’ll be back you’ll see your true allies haven’t forgotten you. <3

    May your path be blessed by the Shadows.

  7. same here euri…

    sana maiba naman ang daily routine natin e.g. (work, online, bills, tsaka mga epal sa buhay XD) ay wala na pla akong work hahaha…

    Rested nako for 2 weeks pero parang kulang pa din, try mo ding mag rest… or take a leave at work… sakto summer beach tyu…

  8. If you feel that tired then go on, go on hiatus and/or even close some of you accounts. Sometimes, that’s the best solution. So relax there Euri and do the things that will make you feel better 😀

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