Productive Day

I’ve been taking a break from the pixel community for weeks now due to really busy schedules and my muse going on holiday. I didn’t feel like doing anything other than bumming at home and living my shut-in weekend life to recharge and de-stress. It’s been really toxic at work lately due to the peak season approaching.

Generally, when I’m tired or stressed, I don’t really feel like doing anything. Not even eating. I just sit and stare at the walls or ceiling or sleep or do anything that doesn’t really require too much physical nor mental effort, like reading manga or watching anime, movies or something else. I usually just shut myself in a room. Since I don’t have my own room because I only go home during weekends, I usually take over my older brother’s room.

But, you know, I’ve been really productive today. I filled out people’s buckets from the Treat or Trick event at LJ. But this doesn’t mean I’m not making them anymore for the others who’d post later than today. I just wanna make them early before things get too hectic again and I wont have time for them. So if you want gifts from me for this event, it’s not yet too late!

So, if you’re a member of:

Oh, and in case you’re interested in leaving me gifts too, this is my bucket.

I’ve also updated a lot of parts in this site. In particular, my sigtags and cyberstamp collections. I’ve also updated the Free Monthly Sigtag page. And since the monthly sigtag page was out for several months, if you send me a request, you’ll also get all the sigtags from the 4 months that my site was down. I’ve also added a few pages  in my collection site for those cuties I’ve collected from TSVP.

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