Ghost Hound

ghost houndI just finished watching Ghost Hound. It’s an old anime TV series that ran around late 2007 to early 2008. From the title and the DVD covers, it gives of this feeling that it’s somewhat like that of Hell Girl. It falls under horror category too. But what attracted me to it the most was the writer – Masamune Shirow – who’s also the same writer as Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost Hound’s story revolves around the story of 3 high school boys who experienced different kinds of trauma when they were young. One day, they suddenly thought of fighting their own fears and thus, their adventure started when they ventured upon an old abandoned hospital where they gained the ability to travel around in spirit form while leaving their bodies.

Since I’m a fan of horror, supernatural and science fictions, I found interest in Ghost Hound. Although it didn’t come out as I expected it to be, I still found it interesting. While watching it, the thought that a parallel world where spirits roam around might exists, would cross your mind. The story might be fictional, but there are actual facts mixed in. You’ll also get to learn about different types of psychological behaviors, disorders and such, on which would probably pique your interest. Although, there are times throughout the anime that I found some stuff too detailed that I had to stop watching and read more about certain subjects, like specific psychological disorders and brain functions.

The plot is pretty good too. It’s not the typical plot where you could already predict how things will turn out while watching it. I get that a lot with the anime I watch recently. To sum it all up, I’ll give it a 8/10 score.

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