Vampire Hunter D Volume 6

The other weekend, I put off reading other manga to give time for my cramming of reading Vampire Hunter D Volumes 1-5 since it’s free streaming was nearing its end. I was putting off reading it until the last 2 days. I was worried at first that I wont be able to finish reading it, since it falls around 350-400 pages per volume. But I managed somehow.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, VHD Manga Volume 6 is out. If you’re from a country where manga is scarce, like me, you can read VHD manga Volume 6 via But of course, you have to purchase points and “Rent” it to be able to read.

Technically, the VHD manga is the same as the novels, only with graphics.  Therefore, Volume 6 is technically the same as Pilgrimage of the Sacred and the Profane. So in D’s adventure in volume 6, this time, he met a granny named Viper. She’s a well known “people finder.” Her job is to look for spirited children and return them to their families. And she’s currently on her mission to return a girl named Tae who was kidnapped by the nobles and held captive for years at a castle called Castle Gradinia. By the looks of it, the granny probably had a hard time taking the girl back since this particular castle is quite known to be filled with nobles. As you know, nobles in VHD are like all omnipotent beings. And then she came by D, just like fate. He and another duo of bounty hunters traveled to go across this dessert that’s known as some sort of “dessert of no return.” Of course I’m not telling you what happened in the dessert because you might shoot me dead. All I can say is that you’ll get to learn a lot of interesting things in this manga. Some of it were already hinted a bit by the previous ones, and some of it are faint hints of possible plot of future volumes. There will also be sneak peeks of D’s personality throughout this manga. Definitely worth reading.

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