Period and Health Calendars

I’ve been trying different period and health calendars for months to find the perfect one that would suit my taste. And finally, after several apps, I found the Period Calendar / Tracker app.

Here’s how it looks like:


periodcalendar02 periodcalendar03 periodcalendar04

Every other period and health calendars, has the same basic functions. There’s a calendar (duh) where you can mark the start and end dates of your period. You can also add notes to it and other marks like if you’re taking pills, symptoms you feel, mood, weight, etc. It also has charts and graphs. Most people probably just use it as a health calendar more than a period tracker. Most of them have backup features too, where you can backup your calendars just in case. Usually, they’re local, cloud storage or email.

The thing I love most about Period Calendar / Tracker is it’s design. It is straight-forward, simple, clean-looking and that it has cute icons. You can also mark it when you’re pregnant, but I haven’t tried that one. Also, recently, aside from the usual backup options, they added a new Dropbox backup feature. You can upload your calendar backups to Dropbox in a single click, which is a super plus for me because I’m an unconditional lover of Dropbox.

Other calendars I’ve tried are:

WomanLog Calendar – I’ve been using this for months before I found Period Calendar / Tracker. Feature-wise, it’s one of the best period and health calendar apps. However, personally, I just find the design too busy. There’s also added features for the pro version, on which, I haven’t tried. They also have one for pregnancy, both free and pro versions.

LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar – This one is really cute. I love the theme. It’s so simple that I fell in love with it and uses it for a while. The design is really easy on the eyes and the icons are cute too. It doesn’t have graphs, however. The thing that made me changed my mind about it is that it doesn’t work well with a tablet.

Menstrual Cycle – Woman Log  and My Cycles Period and Ovulation are just the same with the WomanLog Calendar.

You can try them out and see which ones best suit your taste. They’re all basically the same, with a few added features here and there. But for me, it all came down with the simplicity and the design of the calendar.

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