Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Since my hand first touched PSP, I stopped playing console games altogether. And now since my brother got a PS3 as a gift and acquired himself a Star Ocean: The Last Hope, I’m trying to find time during Saturdays (when nobody’s at home, but me) to play. I’ve never missed a single game from Star Ocean series, so I swore on my honor as an RPG lover to play this game.

Though there are a lot of online games appearing here and there for the past decade, I’ve never seriously involved myself with online games. I mean, I’ve played tons of online games and eventually quitting after a span of about 3 months to a year. This does not limit to playing MMORPG and other client-requiring casual games. It goes the same with playing Facebook games, other addicting browser games too like dress-up things, and perhaps, somewhere, online bingo games too? It may be due to my mentality of everything that begins must end somehow, lead me to a subconscious conclusion that playing online games eventually will lead me in a never ending adventure, thus, in the end, will lead me nowhere, as opposed to playing console RPG that has a definite storyline and eventually ends.

Onto Star Ocean: The Last Hope, I haven’t gone very far yet. I think I haven’t even reached beyond the first chapter yet. But so far, I’m liking it. Though I think the graphic is a bit cutesy (I prefer graphics to be more realistic like Devil May Cry) but since this is Star Ocean, and it’s been that way and is already a part of the overall appeal of the game, I’ll shut up about it.

The game play is like the old Star Ocean game plays which is unlike the common battle system of turn-based used in other RPGs. During battle scenes, you get to choose to control any character on manual. This meaning, hitting monsters, guarding and strategically aiming for combos and such. While you’re busy with manipulating your current character, other 3 characters on play are run by AI. You can also switch between the 4 characters you have on play while in battle. This way, you can use the healer to heal characters with low HP when you need it.

For first timers like me, this is a bit hard. Though it’s not my first time time on this kind of battle system, it is, however, my first time grabbing a PS3 remote control with my hands for more than 5 minutes. (The first time was when my friend Jepoy actually had the nerve to challenge me to a Tekken 5 match at ToyCon 2011 and eventually lost from my random attacks.) Though this particular game play is what attracted me to Tales of Phantasia at first and eventually lead me to the Star Ocean series, but playing it in a whole new environment, in my opinion, takes a lot of getting used to. I probably would take a few more days of playing straight to finally get used to it.

Oh and lastly, I’m very confused with the use of the the right joystick of the analog to rotate views! D:

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  1. Amen to that. I get tired of playing mmorpgs now a days. Its fun at first then when your characters are maxed level, you have nothing to do than just kill monsters, hunt items, earn more money. There’s no thrill to that, no story, no adventure. Like what you said, its never ending. It bores me to death. That’s why I prefer playing non-online games, like ps3, psp, pc games. This post attracted me cause I just finished playing Star Ocean: The First Departure for the PSP. I really liked it, it was my first time playing the series. I played the one for the PS2 but never really finished. I only played the intro of the game haha then didn’t get to play it again. Now I’m playing the Second Evolution. Its really an interesting game.
    Hahah you’re so cute. Don’t worry you’ll get used to playing with the PS3 controller. Its much more easier than the Xbox controller >__> which has more buttons than the PS3.. I think.
    Is it okay if we can link exchange? 😀

  2. this be the reason i’ll get a PS3 someday. haha. 😀 corny na kasi FFXIII for me ha. though kung magka-Suikoden 6, the more reason to get a PS3. kaso so far, wala pa talaga akong reason to have one beside sa Star Ocean 4. LOL.

  3. LOL I commented here before kaso there was an error.

    I like Star Ocean games ever since I played First Departure and Second Evolution in PSP. I haven’t played the PS2 versions and I don’t think I will. XD But I want to play The Last Hope either on PS3 or Xbox 360 (Bf has both copies) when I have free time.

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