Yesterday, my grandma was discharged from the hospital. Still, even after tons of examination done, they still can’t find where her bleeding is. Well, she lost about 5 packs of blood (about half of the blood a normal human has) and continuously loosing them along the way. The doctors, even my Gastro-something doctor of a cousin says that the bleeding “might be” in the small intestine. But knowing Philippines as a third world country, even St. Luke doesn’t have that apparatus they use to peek through the small intestine. As far as we were told, the only places that has this said apparatus are the US, of course, Hong Kong, and some other country that I forgot. So basically, our only option left is to bring her to the hospital every week for a check up and to get her a new pack of blood, if it’s needed.

With all these happening, it amazes me of how fast news could travel and reach people that were thought of as “long forgotten no news or whatsoever and can’t be contacted anymore” which are my uncles and aunts who came by for a visit. It also amazes me of how old people could be so childish as to crack a joke that isn’t even funny. But what amazes me most is that for the sake of a person she loves so much, someone with such a high pride could actually bear the insult.

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  1. 5 packs of blood? “Packs,” as in those IV bags? Wow… just, wow. That’s major blood loss on so many levels, alright. Yeeee. Makuhanan lang nga ako ng a couple or so of CCs of blood, I’d feel like passing out. Yung grandma mo pa kaya? T_T

    Here’s to hoping you’ll be able to bring her to the US and have her small intestines checked there. 🙂

  2. 5 packs of blood? “Packs,” as in those IV bags?

    Yeah. As in 5 packs of IV bags fresh from another blood donor. >.<

    Here’s to hoping you’ll be able to bring her to the US and have her small intestines checked there. 🙂

    That I am doubting though.
    1. We don’t have the $ to bring her there.
    2. She’s too weak to even sit on her bed. What more to traveling? 🙁

  3. MRI or endoscopies can’t get the job done? that’s just weird.

    what blood type is your lola? for some reason i get high when i donate 500cc’s of blood. too bad you can only do that what, every 2 months or so? but hey, saving a life even in that small way is fun.

  4. St.lukes and makati med. is the most sosyal na ospital.. pero Im surprised they dont have apparatus for a small intestine gastro chu chu.. sori I dont know the diagnosis… 😳

  5. Your grandmother lost so many blood T_T
    I remember my granny when she slipped in the bathroom and there was blood. Literally everywhere… T_T

  6. @ Najo ~
    i’m not too sure if she can handle the flight though. She’s too weak to even speak. 🙁

    @ jeniffer ~
    Wala pang apparatus kasi there are only 3 countries that has it as of yet. I think the apparatus itself cost a lot and other hospitals can’t afford them too. You know, machines like these aren’t free. That’s why hospital fees are high.

  7. That’s what some people says ‘being sick is expensive’. Health is the most precious gift that you never realized while you are healthy,you just remembered how good it was to be healthy, when you were sick. And i keep telling myself to stop smoking,although it’s not working at all…

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