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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

I just want to share that quote. That was from my calendar. My calendar is full of quotations. Since it’s January, having a quotation that denotes begining is natural, I guess.

I tried installing WP Ella (2.1) just a while ago. Guess what? I can’t. It requires MySQL 4.0 I think and my server seems to not have it? I think? O.o *sob* *sob* With that, I’m sticking to WP 2.0.7 again. 🙁

Edited this entry. The old Mr. Professor entry was moved to my LJ.

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  1. Weeellll….I don’t exactly agree with everything, and it’s really, I don’t know, harsh? to say that one school is a low grade, no name, cheap school. Getting into good school isn’t the easiest thing on earth, and hell, not even in the Philippines.

    My sophomore Biology teacher when I was still in QueSci (note: QC Science HS, as in one of the best high schools in the country – or so they say) and she couldn’t even say one English sentence without making a fool of herself. We used to laugh at and list all her mistakes. Pati yung Physics teacher namin nung 3rd year. Not everyone is good in English. Even I can’t speak it fluently. You can be good at something without being good in English. I don’t think sukatan yun ng level of intelligence ng tao. ^_^

    But yeah, agree ako sa last sentence.

  2. Yes, but as he says he is a top English teacher and with masters at that. So should I expect English teachers with masters to have such a horrible English? Seriously. Okay lang sana kung sinabi niyang he’s an English teacher with masters, period. Hindi niya na kailangan mag-English-English sa harap namin at ipamukhang “he is, therefore, an English teacher”. He is not in his school. Hindi rin lahat ng teachers na nag-English ay English teacher. Nakakapagtagalog naman siya ng tuwid. Tuwid pa nga sa English niya eh. Hindi ko tuloy maintindihan kung siya ay isang social climber or talagang mayabang lang eh. Kung wala lang akong respeto sa nakakatanda, sinipa ko na yun eh.

  3. yah.. I read about that post.. I’m not good at all in WP, tutorial is really needed.. madami may gusto magbigay ng tulong sakin, ako naman ang walang panahon.. loka loka talaga ako.. 😆

  4. @ Shari ~
    Uhm, I don’t wanna make demands about it because I’m leaving their hosting soon. I’m still preparing this domain for moving. 😳

  5. @ Sese ~
    WP Ella is the latest version of wordpress which is 2.1. 🙂

    @ Lexie ~
    Yes, but we have to understand that not everyone have the time to do upgrades and such all the time. Other people have their indivisual lives as well. At least, that’s how my opinion goes on this matter.

    Regarding the quote, yes, if you are a Christian, you will definitely find that verse beautiful. I also find it beautiful although I am not a Christian.

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