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I’ve fixed the CSS error on IE 6.0 that I found last week. Again, IE sucks! X-P I just had the time to fix it, no one’s complaining right? I’ve also cleaned my link lists after a while. And guess what? Yes, tons of dead sites. Hiatus sites were moved to the Hiatus category, of course. Unless the site is totally down, I would not remove it from there.

Also, for those people who were asking for exchange links, sorry to tell you but I will only pick the sites that I would like to link from here. If you have the type of site that has irritatingly huge amount of things popping out of it and all else you can see are blinking, moving images/objects, please forget the idea of me linking to your site.

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  1. @ Nalen ~
    Nge, nakalink ka na sa site ko nung sinaunang milenyo pa, noh. 😛

    Syempre, kailangan nating maging angas paminsan-minsan, kung hindi, aapihin tayo dito… Tsk, tsk..

  2. The arch-enemy of any website designer is a broken browser. (And post-eating brackets.) :lmao: Good to see you’ re willing to support the masses which don’ t care about standards compliance, though. I’m still using Firefox, myself. 😀

    Also good to hear you’ re keeping standards. We’re all rooting for ya! Don’ t forget to rest too, ne?

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