Got a new layout! Dusk. Yeah, this is the same layout I have for my blogger. I really like it! All credits go to Becca Wei of Beccary.com for a wonderfully made layout!

And as usual, I edited it a bit but of course, not ruining the elegance of it’s true beauty. 😛

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  1. Heya Euwwi! ^____^ I gots WordPress … tis so confusing for meeh >_____>;; But … yesh. It’s a beeyooteeful layout. strokes xD;;

    Hmm … meeh is gone. o______o;; j00 deleted Esu >>>

  2. Hiya! It’s been a while since I’ve been here so I thought I’ll pay you a visit. ^_^ Love your new layout! Mmmmm…it seems that everyone’s getting a new layout nowadays. Maybe I should start working on mine. >_>

  3. Hmm ? meeh is gone. o______o;; j00 deleted Esu >>>

    Oops, sorry Esu-chan! I guess I overlooked that one. 🙁 So sorry…

  4. Wow! Its lovely! I love it Euri! Hay sorry sis for not putting your link up asap. Been so busy eh! I will have it up asap for you 🙂 Please forgive me! *huggles*

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