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My guestbook, has a new navigation. It’s less cluttered unlike the old one. Thank you Glitch for fixing my horrible coding. Also, I installed something interesting in the guestbook as well, try signing it and see what happens. And oh, even if the guestbook and the tagboard uses the same database, they’re of different scripts so that interesting thing doesn’t apply when you tag.


I’ve revamped my Jaiku. I deleted the old entires for a fresh start. I removed my Twitter post from my Jaiku as well because my Twitter post are cluttered all over my Jaiku account. I’ll be using my Jaiku account as update portal for all sites and blogs. I’ll make use of this wondrous thing called RSS Feeds again. I really hoped that Deviantart would have an RSS feed soon as well. So if you’re looking for an update from me, my Jaiku account is your best option. If you prefer it by feeds, I have it as well. You can subscribe through my feeds.


I’ve updated my gift and rewards section as well and KHS mangas are now re-uploaded. In the case of Happiness!, it wont be re-uploaded until I get a note that we are continuing the project. That project is still on hold.

And lastly, I’m back at DA with a new Hollow Mask. Please visit me! :love:

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  1. hey, thanks for the acknowledgement… really appreciate it… <3 but i am still yet to finish my own site… X-P damn those k-re-annes *wtf* they keep me bz as hell…

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