Busy Life

My life is a bit loaded, as of current and will continue to be for quite sometime, leaving me a few chances to drop by and read blogs. But then, I would find a way to visit somehow… Until then, forgive me for the lack of visit.

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  1. Okester dokester, Euri pokester. =3 Hee I make a rhyme. ^^ Well, bye-byes now and ingat. x3

  2. It’s ok. Me too. I’ve been very busy studying, and my really past time right now is surfing the net while researching something related to my subjects! -_-;

    Anyway, it’s because I have a goal to achieve…

    Until then, good luck! ^_^

  3. We are all “Busy” Buti ka ganyan lang. Sa school lang na maraming ginagawa. Kami nga we are working na + school. Pero everytime we feel “Tired” we already remember what Mam Suarez said before she left. Sabi nya. “Tap on the strength of God. Ask for His strength and Believe and He’ll supply you” Yun ang ginagawa namin. So we are not that online that much because we are so busy pero we never feel tired kasi si Lord kasama namin. Update na pala page namin. GBU

  4. We are all ?Busy? Buti ka ganyan lang. Sa school lang na maraming ginagawa.

    I’m working from 8am-5pm and go to school from 6pm-9pm during MWF. Remember when you ask me why I’m always late? I answered, “Because I can’t get up early.” It’s because, besides those, I also need to help out in our Thesis all night. If I wont, kawawa naman si Randy-nee-chan. 😛

  5. I forgive Euri hehe! I am a lazyass myself too… so I don’t blame you for being busy and stuff, it beats me sitting at home being bored =X

  6. gah! I hope a break is coming asap with all your stuff piled, ne? or you can relax some time..I hope you find and don’t get stressed with the bing busy…hope you ok! ja!

  7. It’s all about database. Maintaining websites,making websites of companies, php, mysql, oracle 10i those stuff. Mahirap ang thesis oo pero mas mahirap ang nagtatrabaho. Lalo na kung indemand ang boss mo. But look at the bright side. Nagsusweldo ka at the same time ende ka na mahihirapan sa thesis 😛

  8. That’s okay girl. I don’t have much time to visit blogs or blogs because of school work.

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