Immature Child

Dear of,

Thanks for hacking me. This was the fourth time I was hacked by you. You left the same e-mail all the time so I had the idea it was you. Honestly, at first, I wanted to tell you “Fuck you, asshole.” for hacking the site that I poured all my love into. But once I visited your site, just out of curiosity, my anger suddenly subsided like warm blood that was drained away by a vampire from it’s prey. I was amazed by how beautiful the graphic on your site is but was sad because it didn’t show up properly from my site. Honestly, before you go hacking other people’s sites, would you please take time fix the images on your own site to fit cross browsers first? It’s pretty disappointing that I’m seeing a horribly made page on my end. It’s not that much to ask is it? I am some kind of a stereotyped bitch so thought that when a hacker was able to hack someone’s site, more to the fact that he could change data straight from the database, unlike the other so-called hackers who hacks site using the usual lame redirects, it meant that he’s good (capability wise) and so I thought you could do better than anyone in aspects of web development and/or web design.

Thinking about it, the fact rings back to me that there are people who can do things that other people couldn’t. It also made me think that why is it that I still can’t find that something that I am good at? It makes me lose the little confidence I have in myself. Ever since I entered high school, I’ve been bothered by the fact that I don’t even know what I wanted to do with my life. I always even took the time to go to the back of the church and kneel before that crucified image of Christ just to ask a question on which I never got any reply. When I knelt before the calm and collected priest that was asking me for whatever that troubled me, I also never got a decent reply, rather, I was asked to repeat a bunch of Our Father as punishment. When I asked for an advice from my Christian Formation teacher, I was ask to join a recollection where I was left in a vast field in the middle of nowhere and was told to “have a moment of silence with our Lord” to reflect on myself and learn the answer to my question. Did you know that I just lied on that field, looked above the limitless sky and stared into space like I’m in deep thoughts for approximately 4 hours and in the end, I never got an answer. The next day that followed that was just a repetition of it but this time, I was in a different place surrounded by trees.

I didn’t mean to vent this on you, it’s just that I’m sort of envious that you can do something while all I can do is rant and vent like an immature child. While others may see their life as a colorful and lively Las Vegas, I see mine like a black and white ghost town where all the people were manipulated and simply killed by Legato.

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  1. He hacked you for the fourth time? Err, that was pretty annoying, tsk tsk.

    What or who’s Legato btw? 😆 I don’t know. haha.

  2. another hacker the bastards. I understand what you mean though I haven’t a clue what I’m gonna do partly for the fact my grades keep falling so I have no clue partly for the fact I’m not good at any thing and mainly for the fact my parents won’t let me do any thing. so I’m just gonna leave it and end up working in some shopping center for the rest of my life reading manga behind the counter. I don’t think I need to achieve any real greatness or purpose in life I’ll just sell people their food 🙂 I really wanna kill that hacker! GRRRRRRRRRR how dare they hack euri!
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Aww… just leave him be. He must be bored with his life, that’s why he decided to wreck someone else’s.

    It’s no use trying to ask people for advice. More often than not, they will tell you to “think about it”, implying that you think about it on your own. Heck, there are only few people on earth who could give you a decent reply to whatever dilemma or ordeal you’re having, though sometimes, there are those who don’t give too much damn about it, but in the end, leaves you thinking, “Hey, he/she’s right… I’m pertaining to those people who tells you the possible consequences of whatever decision you make; opening choices for you; in short, helps one grow up (oh, by growing up, I meant becoming stronger to face trials).

    Haha.. quite a lengthy reply. 😀 Sorry kung ma-drama… I must be watching too much angsty anime… XD

  4. Hi! Am a new visitor to your weblog. 🙂

    The hacker must have a crush on you or something. My sympathies.

    As for determining what you’re really good at, I believe that realization arrives differently for people. And, in retrospect, it’s not a matter of what you’re good at, but a matter of what you love to do. Let it be. Be patient. Enjoy what you have now. That’s what I always tell myself.

  5. Hey, Euri-chan, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re good at. I mean, I don’t know about you or about other people but for me, it doesn’t matter. Maybe, because even if I don’t know or fully understand what is special in me, I still see other people being glad or happy when I do something. It doesn’t matter if they don’t appreciate me or say thank you, that’s not really the basis of knowing if you’re good at something. As long as I make people laugh and feel good about themselves, that’s fine with me. If I see them laugh, I laugh too and that makes me feel good knowing that, at least, even if I’m not really sure what I’m good at, I make them pretty happy. 😛

  6. Sorry about being hacked yet again.

    As for the latter half of the post, I agree with Najo. I don’t want to repeat everything she typed.

  7. yo
    padaan lang

    gusto mo gantihan ang kumag na yun?
    lam mo naman kung saan kilala ang skool naten dba?

    pde naten patumbahin ang h4x0r na yun
    kung gusto mo

    dapat hindi ginagamit ang rev-eng sa pang-h4X0r3d

  8. hi u wont belive this but im 48 years old lady and was just looking at things on the net when this pop up so i am old but u know something i never new what i wonted to do till i was 35 years old so dont strees your life you will see one day when you aint thinking about it what u wont to do n
    and untill then have fun and do the best u can if it aint up to everyone else expectaions of u so what just be YOU so yea sorry for raving but it makes me sad for all u young people how hard you life is in this generaion u where born in so go out and do the best for u and fuck every one eles you will find your light in life when the time is wright bye DEB

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