What the hell happened to me? To list it down, here:

  • I got hacked.
  • I fixed it.
  • I shut down BE because I was freaking out of it.
  • I put it back up.
  • I got hacked again.
  • I fixed it again.
  • I fixed the bug I found in guestbook and tagboard.
  • Site was down due to some unexplainable error.
  • Site was fixed.
  • Got hacked again.
  • Site got fixed.
  • Lost interest in updating.
  • Read a few mangas.
  • Visited IRC just to be pissed of again.
  • Read a few mangas again.
  • Cleaned Happiness! Chapter 4 raw.
  • Cleaned Happiness! Chapter 5 raw.
  • Read a few more mangas.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Surf, surf, surf.

And after all those concerts, mall tours, autograph sessions, and photo book shoots, I found the time to blog at last. But still, I’m blogging senseless.


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  1. Tsk. I’m wondering why your site is prone to hacking? Have you been super bad and all lately? ๐Ÿ˜•

  2. So this explains why I can’t access your blog for the past few days. That should be really frustrating, getting hacked for many times.

  3. ~yo
    nagigging ground na ata to ng mga hackers ah

    napadaan lang
    magbabakasyon muna ako sa mga bitch

  4. Shari,
    Hey, dear, congrats! You looked so damn cute holding that trophy. <3 Well, what can I say, shit happens.

    If your talking about swearing 24/7, condemning everyone, wishing several people to die and even have a wild attempt to write their names at Death Note, then yes? :lmao:

    nods nods ๐Ÿ™ Tell me about it.

    Pagbigyan mo na, dude. Sadyang wla lang talaga silang magawa sa mga buhay nila. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tol, todo yan ah! Ako nga, simpleng blog nahihirapan ako sa maintenance eh. Pahirapan yan pero i think kayang-kaya mo naman.

  6. i must say there are a lot of hackers laterly. ive been reading wordpress support forums and i see many complains regarding wordpress being hacked. the rule of thumb is avoid any directory and file CHMOD to 777. Also check the plugins you are using. There are some insecure plugins that hackers where hackers see opportunities to get into your site

  7. @ ems ~
    But I don’t have any directories CHMOD to 777.

    @ Chino Yray ~
    Yeah, but I do not believe in karma. X-P

  8. but have you already uploaded index files to all your subdirectories? you should, or people will see all your php files esp in your wp-content->plugins directory

  9. whoa… you’ve been through a lot, i see… hmm.. maybe you need some time off.. why not join the cosplay, or just attend one convention, at least..? That will take your mind off things.. if you don’t mind seeing lots of cosplayers who don’t even resemble half the features of the character they’re portraying (eep! kasama pala ako dun!)

    anyway, i hope you won’t push yourself too hard.. ๐Ÿ˜€ take it easy, ne?

  10. YAY EURI’S BACK wow you got hacked so many times thats so unfair! but yay your back! I’ve been enjoying some tenshi nanka jai nai and some love celeb my self but I really want the next chapter of nana! I have no idea how to work IRC its toooo complicated for my small mind hehe lol
    Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yay euri’s back!

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