Avengers Mug

So I got myself a The Avengers Mug form Jollibee last night. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with it because the mug is made of hard plastic instead of a ceramic one. Although, on the bright side of it, it’s a thermochromic mug.

This is how it looks normally:

This is how it looks when it’s hot:

Oh and this last piece at the back of it is a beauty!

The Jollibee The Avengers Mug cost PHP 55.00 at any Jollibee stores when you buy the regular YUM burger of any type of sandwich, I think.

I was told that Petron also has The Avenger Tumblers, but I’m not interested in that.

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  1. I wanted that mug, but I don’t really need it. Needs > wants. 🙁

    But i do have the tumbler se from Petron because my mom wanted it. Lol.

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