I turned 27 today. Thank you for all those who greeted me at twitter, facebook, and plurk, as well as those who sent me emails and birthday signs. I gave up making birthday wishes because they don’t really come true, for whatever reasons.

Here’s what I got today on my birthday!

I got cupcakes from my friend Jepoy, the day before. Today is his grandmother’s birthday too, happy birthday!

Then on exactly 12 AM, I got a blueberry cheesecake from my younger brother and his girlfriend, Donna. While everyone sang me the happy birthday song. I have a cheesy family. XD

The next day, we went to the mall to hang out together and get Mochi, our Shih Tsu, groomed. I told them I’m going to get a haircut too, for a change. Then, we went to Tony & Jackey again. My older brother is very particular with his hair, and Tony & Jackey is his current favorite salon. Before, he only gets his hair cut at James Cooper. He’s very picky with the hair dresser too.

Tada! Btw, I like the Korean guy who cut my hair. He has this ore-sama feel in him, which I like, and he’s very meticulous with things.

When we’re about to leave, my mom gave me this as gift. They’re very pretty and comfy! I don’t have qualms with the fact that they’re children’s shoes. :3

And lastly, we ate at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sempai, somewhere along Friendship Avenue. Of course, my order is always Unagi Kabayaki! x3

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  1. belated happy birthday! Nabati kita sa FB tapos nakalimutan kita batiin ulit kanina nung magkasama tayo. XD

    I like your new hair, lalo ka nagmukhang bata. D:

  2. Belated happy birthday! Those cupcakes look fantastic! Were they handmade? The cheesecake looks yummy, too! You’re making me hungry.

    I like your haircut. It reminds me of mine. I had long hair, too, and decided to chop it off when the weather became warmer. It was a Korean woman who cut it. She was really nice 🙂

  3. How much does a haircut cost? Is it the same rate for guys? Somehow I wanna try Tony & Jackey but a mere sight of it already freaks me out.

  4. OMG, happy extremely belated birthday, m’dear! Those cupcakes, oh my God, they made me smile so much. And so well made! Very cute and funny indeed. >w<;

    And I love your new hair cut! It suits you super well and looks super cute, besides. N'aww. ?

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