22nd Day

Everyone, I’ve received a lot of emails PM and text messages asking me if it was really my birthday today. And yes, it is my birthday today. It’s the 22nd day of my life that my mom cries in agony that she bore me. I’m still small and thin and doesn’t look like someone who is in her 20’s. So for my birthday wish, even if they don’t come true: I wish to be taller. I wish to be fatter. And I wish to look a lot more to my age. And I wish to be able to find the missing albums of Gackt that I still lack.

For the good part of it, I got a Death Note from my brother as a gift.

Death Note

The Death Note contains instructions on how to use it and a few pre-written names of people and their cause of deaths that was written by Light in the manga. Please note that I haven’t watched the anime. I prefer mangas over animes. And since I have a Death Note, now, who to kill? >:)

For the bad part of it, I went all the way to Mall of Asia to buy the remaining albums of Gackt that I haven’t bought. And guess what? I’m out of stock again. Damn, why does Gackt have to be so damn popular and sexy for everyone to adore him and all. I wanted him all for myself. T_T

Anyway, for those who greeted me and gave me gifts:

My family, Lanie, Ran-chan, Nely, Khei, Rd, Ravencroft, Kuya Archie, James (T-rex), Ems, Rozeh, Talamasca, Flamegod, Gean, aubrey, Nash, Sir Adrian, Sir Glenn, Sir Allan, Sir Edson, Sir Reynan, Sir Gerry, Ma’am Rea, Ma’am Rianne, Ma’am Mel, Sir Dave, Sir Jerry, Mattew, ahnjellie, Aja, enob-x, Rednal, mickl3, miryuri, MK, Haruhi, selo, obliterhikaru, MoonRomance, Ice Fyre, BobCat, Trelumas, Dexter, Inggo, Shari and y0ur_c0nscience.

Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

Oh, and I’ve updated my gifts section and posted gifts I got from Sir Allan and Raven. πŸ™‚

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  1. @ enob-x ~
    Thanks. And nope, you’re not in the note. πŸ˜€

    @ christian ~
    It’s okay, thanks for the greeting anyway. πŸ™‚

    @ Karla. ~
    I do that most of the time. No luck. T_T

  2. Finally, I got here. :lmao:
    Ooh!!! Deathnote!!! Where did your brother buy it?! I want one too… HaHa. Oh well, anyway, I hoped you enjoyed your day!!! Belated Happy Birthday… πŸ˜€

  3. I don’t believe it!! I completely forgot to greet you yesterday! >.> forgive me… I’m getting older myself that I tend to forget a lot of things…

    Another problem on why I wasn’t able to greet you was because my pc’s down again… yeah, some pc huh? Huhuhu…. I’m so sorry…

    Then again, Tanjoubi Omedetou~! (happy birthday) πŸ˜€

    *Whoa… I’m envious.. I wanna have Death Note, too….. where did he get it? Heheh…*

  4. seems like Euri’s bro got the perfect gift! Maybe I should send Euri boxes of twinkies! that will put on alittle weight lol.

    Euri hasnt seen DN anime?! @@

  5. late for me, Happy belated Birthday^^
    lol you got a Deathnote teehee, i wanted one too (just for fun and maybe to scare people xDDD)

  6. @ Tony ~
    Bro, where’s my Gackt CDs? Japan shouldn’t be running our of Gackt’s CDs. Don’t return to the Philippines without them. πŸ˜†

    @ aruki ~
    Thanks, dear.

  7. Happy birthday! I think it’s a good thing to look young. Yeah Gacket is so hot and popular that everyone wants a piece of him! hehehe

    If I had a deathnote then dead bodies would be flying all over the place! haha!

  8. as usual, late na naman ako hehe. i swear i posted some advance greeting in the tagboard, kaya lang nawala…magaling…hehe…

    anyway, belated happy birthday euri-chan! ^_^

  9. Happy belated birthday dearest Euri! I apologize for not knowing and therefore not being able to offer my greetings sooner. I hope you had a good one! It’s really cool that your brother bought you a Death Note for your birthday – I wish my brothers were that cool! πŸ˜€

  10. I’m soooo sorry for not commenting earlier I’m ill but its no excuse I’ve been busy reading nana bad bex! but as a sorry I shall make you a gackt b-day graphic hurray that death note book is wayyyy cool now I want one LOL any ways hope you have a lovely birthday and you get your gackt albums soon yes its gay hes sexy and every one loves him but we love him the most LOL http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/8140/birtjdaylovenr6.gif Luv Bexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Happy Belated birthday! Haha that Deathnote book looks cool ):D i still haven’t read the manga / seen the anime – i must download it *_*

  12. Belated Happy Birthday! Wish all the best! πŸ˜€

    Btw, sorry tagal ko na hindi nakabisita dito. I was busy coz of the problems I had with my webhosting. πŸ™‚

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