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Yesterday, I had posted my first entry after this blog’s long hiatus, I feel very much happy for the attainment I had done. I thought as soon as I had this site up, I would feel fullfilled and this feeling of longing in my heart would perish with it. I did feel very accomplished about this site. Yet, it seems that piece of the puzzle is still missing. Something even I could not explain what. Last night, my tears streamed down from me because of the same reason – I I felt that there’s still something missing… And I want to find out what.

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  1. hmmm… I just wish I could do something to help… But if there’s something I could do, just tell me. And I will be most pleased to lend you a hand. I’m just around the corner if you need me Euri. ^^ Especialy when you need some cheering up. ^^

  2. =/ I get what you mean by saying that you feel empty and something is missing when you think everything is done. I feel like that all the time and I know that nothing can help much until you feel better. Everyone is so depressed these days =/ is it like a chain reaction or what. I hope we’re not repeating the Great Depression after WWI haha… xP that was due to economic depresses though… I think life today- it’s all emotional and mental issues adding with social hardness =/ whatever it is, feel better Euri!!

  3. Maybe it’s this time of year but I have seen alot of people feeling the same way you do. Although the sun is out, the birds are beginning to sing and the ground is getting to be green, alot of people are feeling this emptiness and going on hiatuses and just not doing too well emotionally.

    Do know there’s nothing that is impossible with God and that hope is just around the corner, as well as in our hearts; and for those who don’t believe or those who don’t hope — there are ALOT OF PEOPLE doing it for them!

    Much love my friend– God bless!

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